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The Heat Islands
Title : The Heat Islands
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ISBN : 9780312929770
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 307

In Randy Wayne White's The Heat Islands, marine biologist and former secret operative Doc Ford is lazily poling his skiff along Southwest Florida's flat copper sea in search of sea anemones, when he runs into the body of the most hated man on Sanibel Island-Marvin Rios.And when the Island's simplest and sweetest resident is arrested for the murder Doc heads straight into tIn Randy Wayne White's The Heat Islands, marine biologist and former secret operative Doc Ford is lazily poling his skiff along Southwest Florida's flat copper sea in search of sea anemones, when he runs into the body of the most hated man on Sanibel Island-Marvin Rios.And when the Island's simplest and sweetest resident is arrested for the murder Doc heads straight into the heart of the sunshine state's dark side-to save his friend from being framed, and to save Sanibel Island from a rising tide of land-grab schemes, blood money and violence.

The Heat Islands Reviews

  • Jodi

    I gave this 4.25 stars. I really enjoy the Doc Ford books. We went to Pine Island and Sanibel Island, Florida, Doc Ford country, so of course I needed to read one while there! It was so interesting to actually see the setting for these books. As you can probably tell, I am a fan of character driven books. These do not disappoint. What a cast of interesting characters! White also includes a damn good mystery, action and suspense. The perfect package.

  • Donna

    Suspenseful mystery with some very unsavory characters (unfortunately-believable in today's world) My first Doc Ford Novel-would read again. Mr. White's characters are well done, and his take on the enviromental destruction of Florida seems accurate. Heir to John D. McDonald-not sure, but it is a well written book. I have visited Sanibel and Captiva, so always interested in books written about the area.

  • Kathy

    Doc Ford is back to his quiet life in Southern Florida, capturing sea creatures for schools and hanging with female tennis pro who's recovering from an injury. All is good until the truly hated owner of a marina shows up dead in the water and suspicion falls on one of Doc's friends. Besides the mysteries, White does a great job of describing life on the water and in Florida, warts and all. Add in a really creepy villain and this was a great read.

  • Terri

    Thoroughly hooked on Doc Ford!Randy's writing style feels so laid back and simple, yet the stories are complex and compelling. He's so descriptive I feel like I'm back in Florida, though thankfully, I'm not!It took me a few years to check him out, but now I can't get enough :)

  • Glen

    This second book in the Doc Ford series is very good, but the stakes are somewhat lower than in many of the later novels.Doc's minding his own business, flirting with a professional tennis player, when the most hated man in the area is killed. The man's brother in law, probably the second most hated man in the area, takes over the business, but he's really too stupid to do it.From there, we get more deaths, a land grab inside another land grab, and an innocent man jailed for a crime he didn't co [...]

  • Jim

    Second book in series. Published in 1992 it's classic Marion 'Doc' Ford. Along with some very interesting characters and of course Tomlinson this yarn is a classic suspense thriller. Now 25 years old it is very dated in some parts. However that doesn't take away enjoyment of reading. Four stars out of a possible five stars. Great series, a must read book.

  • Robert

    This is a mystery of sorts with a dead body turning up just before a big fishing competition and all. Yet the mystery itself is all laid out for the reader so it is very easy to see what happened. So the story follows more of the characters that are revolving around this mystery. And this is where the author does a fine job. His characters are some fun oddballs that fit right into the story and the setting. So for some fun in the Florida sun this is a great not to be missed series so far.

  • Ken

    Like a trip to Fla with people you hope you never meet. I would read another book by him again I'm not sure if the Fl he describes is real but it feels real while being populated by charters who are clearly good or bad

  • Tom Vater

    Say no to imitations. Say no to derivatives. Don’t believe the hype on the back of a paperback. Say no to Randy Wayne White. Say no to Doc Ford, one of the most boring protagonists to grace any detective type novel. The Tampa Tribune Times claims that White, whose novel The Heat Islands is set in Florida, is the rightful heir to John D. MacDonald. Indeed he is, but he is not a very good heir and does little justice to the author of Cape Fear and creator of Travis McGee, a truly idiosyncratic 2 [...]

  • Col

    Synopsis/blurb.The eagerly-awaited follow-up to Sanibel Flats from the author the Tampa Tribune-Times calls "the rightful heir to John D MacDonald". When Doc Ford's friend--the simplest and sweetest resident of Sanibel Island--is framed for murder, Doc heads to Florida's dark side to save him and the island from a rising tide of land-grab schemes, blood money, and violence.This was the second book in Randy Wayne White’s Doc Ford series. It’s interesting how he has been compared to John D Mac [...]

  • JamesLove

    "The legal system, Ford knew, was an abacus of shrewdness, not a scale of justice. Indeed, true justice was an anomaly. It was not that legislators, attorneys, and judges weren't good and decent human beings - though some certainly were not. The problem was that they and their legal forebears had gradually perverted the legal system for the protection of their own profession. Jurisprudence was no longer a moral process. It was a competition in which the competitors - attorneys - created their ow [...]

  • Sharla

    Is it okay for the hero to become a muderer? If ever a character needed killing it is Karl Sutter (Colin Kane). Even Poirot murdered in the final book, Curtain, but after all it was the final book. I don't have the answer but this wasn't the only problem this book has. This writing is dissonant to me. There are passages of really beautiful writing followed by the most mundane followed by explicit brutality. For me it did not mesh well. I realize it is difficult to maintain intensity in writing b [...]

  • Krista

    I got this book as a Christmas present and since the other Florida themed Christmas present was so successful (Stormy Weather), I was excited. But I shouldn't have been. It is apparently part of a series where the original author died and a new author took over the series. There were praises for Randy Wayne White, but not from me. This murder mystery was not particularly mysterious or intriguing. Oh and the twist with the lesbian tennis player who wants to play LPGA golf? Ooh I didn't see that o [...]

  • Ed

    #2 in the Doc Ford series.Doc Ford series - When the body of marina owner Marvin Rios is found in the ocean after a storm, Doc's friend Jeth Nicholes is arrested. With his coterie of pals - aging hippie Tomlinson, former tennis star Dewey and another marina owner, Mac - likable marine researcher Doc attempts to piece together how Rios really died. Politics and land development are pivotal elements.

  • Miriam

    In the second installment of Doc Ford's adventures he must find out not only who murdered the marina owner Rios (to clear his friend Jeth of murder) but also why and how the state senator is tied to Rios. Ford teams up with his buddy Tomlinson as they putter their boats up and down Sanibel Island and the west coast of Florida. Some sexy scenes provide relief from the murder and mayhem.

  • Tony Sannicandro

    I love these books, Randy Wayne White writes good books. While these aren't books people will be talking about 100 years from now they are books that entertain and isn't that all that counts? Mr. White can stand proudly with the other great writers of our time. Read it, you should enjoy it, if not? Yes it's you that's the problem.

  • Susan Scully

    Doc does surprise.I also liked the feel one gets of southern Florida. The marina, near Doc's house seems more like a small town, where you get to know the characters, and they care what happens to each other. It's always nice to have a bit of romance thrown in with ecological interests as well.

  • Pat

    Doc friends with tennis player. Another friend falsely accused of murder.Fairly involved and interesting.Good.

  • Carolyn Rose

    Wonderful sense of place (Florida) and information about biology and ecology while Doc Ford metes out his form of justice.

  • Bill


  • Mr

    Much smaller in scale than the debut novel, the second “Doc Ford” entry offers no Central American revolutionaries or reincarnated Mayan goddesses. THE HEAT ISLANDS stays very much at home in Doc Ford’s hideaway marina, where the distracted marine biologist involves himself in trying to prove the innocence of a murder suspect – a genial, stuttering fishing guide named Jeth. Ford’s part-time side-kick, Tomlinson, observes: “Debating Ford was like arguing with the multiplication tables [...]

  • Marianne Nichols

    Loved loved liked it. Ha! Truly enjoyed the story. This is the second Doc Ford book I've read. I will stick with the series as I'm already growing quite fond of Doc, Tomlinson and the rest of the inhabitants of Dinkins Marina. Set on Southwest Florida on the barrier islands, it brings the hot, wet, steamy Florida air and weather right to you. Doc's a smart fella, who looks out after most folks. Works hard, takes no stuff, and denies ever working for the government, after his military stint was o [...]

  • Jim Duff

    An early Doc Ford. Having read the nearly 20 other books , I thought the characters would be underdeveloped. Not so, White must have spent a lot of time thinking of individual characteristics before starting this series. Doc and Tomlinson , Jeth and Mac are pretty much the same. Really liked the book but it's not available on Kindle or my local library. Received as a gift, bought in paperback on .

  • Jill

    #2 in the Doc. Ford series. One of the reasons I like the series is because we have vacationed in the area so it is easy to imagine where things are taking place. Murder, mystery, romance, friendships and many other interesting developments. Rough language, Sex.if that bothers you. Doc is a marine biologist who uses his knowledge of fish to help solve the mystery. Gives the ready things to look for if you are ever in FL around the Sanibel area.

  • Kathleen Lawrence

    It has been fun to discover White’s murder/mystery novels. He combines a solid crime tale with a natural history primer of Florida’s flora and fauna. Doc Ford is a former NSA employee living on Sanibel Island as a marine biologist and gets invariably involved in investigations that involve his island community. In this offering, a widely disliked businessman is found dead, floating in the bay. Clearly, there are plenty of possible suspects. Recommend.

  • Phil

    This is a good author especially if you live in the cold states. Sanibel Island is without a question one of my favorite places on this planet. Randy Wayne White writes with flair, solid precise and man does he bring back memories of Sanibel Island. Doc Ford a one of a kind hero moves with a tennis star, an exiled Romanian, his anemones of course! entwined in a murder mystery that stuns this quaint little isle.

  • Clint

    Sometimes you can tell an author's political leanings more by how they portray relationships, especially sex, than by the character. Also, like Hiaasen and before him MacDonald, he likes rail on the destruction of the Florida he loves by the corrupt politicians and greedy developers, but I am sure he wouldn't want to legislate any limits well, because of the corruptionI still like the pictures, and wouldn't mind living in a stilt house on the water, until the last month of course!

  • Faye

    Smartly written, always a surprise for the avid mystery reader! I LOVE how evocative White's writing is of the Everglades and the Sanibel Florida area. I adore the oyster beds, the Tarpon, the marina characters, the mangroves. keep it coming! I'm so glad there are at least 20 more of these I can dig into and enjoy.

  • Sheldon

    White continues building his hero, Doc Ford, and his crew. Murder and mayhem prance along to retribution. Hey it is fun to read the early books in a series you began with more recent publications and to see from when a protagonist came.

  • Patricia Foth

    I just don't get the hype about this author. I keep trying him and am disappointed each time.