Heart of Texas, Vol. 1: Lonesome Cowboy / Texas Two-Step by Debbie Macomber Online

Heart of Texas, Vol. 1: Lonesome Cowboy / Texas Two-Step
Title : Heart of Texas, Vol. 1: Lonesome Cowboy / Texas Two-Step
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ISBN : 9780778323686
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 440

The first, Lonesome Cowboy, tells the love story of Savannah Weston and Laredo Smith. Savannah lives a quiet life, keeping the ranch with her brother Grady. Both of them have been scarred by the betrayal of their brother Richard, who stole their inheritance six years ago after their parents' death. Savannah steps out of Grady's shadow when she meets Laredo Smith, a wrangleThe first, Lonesome Cowboy, tells the love story of Savannah Weston and Laredo Smith. Savannah lives a quiet life, keeping the ranch with her brother Grady. Both of them have been scarred by the betrayal of their brother Richard, who stole their inheritance six years ago after their parents' death. Savannah steps out of Grady's shadow when she meets Laredo Smith, a wrangler she hires to help with her old rose business. Her joy at their romance is clouded by Grady's suspicious attitude and Richard's sudden reappearance. In Texas Two-Step, Ellie Frasier, who runs the feed store after her father's death, has relied on her friends for support, including rancher Glen Patterson. When does he really start to notice her? Maybe when Savannah's brother, Richard, starts paying more attention. Glen gets the prize for what may be the jerkiest marriage proposal in fiction, but give him credit for finally figuring out the right approach. Readers will cheer for these two women as they start speaking up for themselves and building their own lives. Ginger Curwen

Heart of Texas, Vol. 1: Lonesome Cowboy / Texas Two-Step Reviews

  • Kym McNabney

    As usual, Debbie Macomber puts out yet another great storyor should I say two. I'd originally run across another from the, Heart of Texas, series, not realizing it was only one of six. After reading, Caroline's Child, I was hooked. Knew I had to get the others.Both Lonesome Cowboy, and Texas Two-Step were great. I finished both in only a matter of a couple of days. I love the way the cast of characters are woven throughout each book. It really builds you up to move right into the next characters [...]

  • Sheila

    A cute little book where the ‘main’ couple meet and fall in love over the course of a week and then live happily ever after, until book two where a new couple fall in love over the course of two weeks and live happily ever after. At first I thought this series might be a little too romantic and sappy for me, but apparently I’m a romantic and sappy kind of girl because I wasn’t even finished with “Lonesome Cowboy” before I went and picked up Volume Two. I love the town, I love the cha [...]

  • Debbie

    Heart of Texas series has three novels, with a total of six separate stories. The setting of contemporary Texas is a fun spin for those of us who live in the Midwest. The plot is straightforward, with many unlikely couples getting married. Lots of dialogue and great characters. Perfect for summer time reading.

  • Paula-O

    Debbie Macomber writes series "Heart of Texas" I have started with the first book having two stories Lonesome Cowboy and Texas Two-Step in it. I loved meeting so many of the folks living in Promise Texas and how it began after moving out of a place called "Bitter End" which is a ghost town now.The Weston family lost their parents and one of the boys stole monies left by them for the family and left town -not to be heard of again for 6 years. Grady and Savannah are devastated and left to pick up [...]

  • Katie Johnson

    I really enjoyed Lonesome Cowboy, but the brother character, Richard, was so low-down nasty that it was hard to read at times. He seriously has no redeeming qualities, and I don't like to see that in a character. This book is well written. I'm definitely going to read more of Debbie Maccomber's work.The first book (they are both set into 1 volume) ends a bit abruptly, but the storyline is picked up in the next book, Texas Two-Step, which then focuses on two new characters. I enjoyed the second b [...]

  • Stacey

    My goodness this was a super quick read. This is two books in one and I read it in 2, maybe 3 days. Lovely romance stories; although I wouldn't call it romance so much as personal relationships. Quoting someone else on , the stories are set in the town of Promise, Texas and each story in the series revolves around the relationship of one couple, all of which have a happy endings after going through some type of difficulty. Other characters from Promise are introduced so that when you read their [...]

  • Mareli

    the first two stories of this series are the imprinting for the whole series. There is this little Texas town called Promise where there is a lot of single men and women (or so it seems ;) ).There is a very interesting background story on a abandoned town, founded previously by a lot of ancestors of Promise inhabitants but it has a strange feeling and nobody wants to visit it.

  • Glenda L

    This is where it all started Promise, Texas. Debbie Macomber is always a breath of fresh air. Her books are all about love, family and friends with a few surprises thrown in.

  • Melita Sheppard

    Read this ages ago, bit still enjoyed it second time around. Fairly sure there must be a third part.

  • Carolanne wollin

    I think I was expecting more. Both stories Lonesomeness Cowboy and the Texas Two-Step were very predictable and similar. Hoping the series gets better in book two.

  • Annette

    A little Mills and Boonish but nevertheless I enjoyed the story.

  • Tammy Downing

    Two related stories in one book. Very sweet love stories with some drama, deception and mystery worked in. I really enjoy reading books by Debbie Macomber.

  • Marianne

    Lonesome Cowboy is the first of the Heart of Texas series by Debbie Macomber. Since her parents were killed six years ago, Savannah Weston has done all she can to help her brother Grady in working to keep the Yellow Rose, the Weston family ranch, after their younger brother Richard stole their inheritance. Her one joy, especially as she has managed to turn a profit on it, is her cultivation of antique roses. When, against Grady’s wishes, Savannah employs wrangler Laredo Smith to help with her [...]

  • Kshydog

    Lonesome Cowboy : Loved the character Savannah who was able to just live her life even with a cranky brother Grady. Enjoyed her meeting and getting to know Laredo who maintained decent values while also being independent. Glad that there was humor in the story while showing town people caring for each other. Could not stand her brother Richard and how he could so manipulate Savannah - she lost my respect at that point.Texas Two-Step : Glad that there was a little bit about Savannah and her now h [...]

  • Judy Wise

    Starting the Heart of Texas series. This book contains the first two books. Lonesome Cowboy and Texas Two-Step.I enjoyed them very much. I do not usually read Debbie Macomber books but this series sounded interesting. The series is about a small town in Texas and its people. Each book discribes their beginnings. I have the feeling that a little more interesting things will happen in further books as there is a small ghost town that only a few people know how to find. Those that have been there r [...]

  • Debbie

    Lonesome Cowboy: is set in Promise Texas where Savannah lives on the family ranch that was left to her and her brother Grady.They're brother Richard stole part of they're inheritance when they're parents died so they talk to him. She hires a stranger who is a wrangler to work for her, who is really going to change her life.Texas Two-Step: After her father's death Ellie takes over the feed store. Her friends gather round her to offer her support. One of her friends is Glen Patterson who she actua [...]

  • Jan Mcleod

    I have read numerous books by Ms. Macomber, stand alones and series, and have been thoroughly delighted with every aspect of them. However, this book seems to be dry and repetitive, and entertains a very unsavory character. Matter of fact, I could not quite finish the first story in this volume, and I doubt that I will read the second one either. Definitely NOT typical of Ms. Macomber!!!Aug, 13, 2014. I finally got through the second novel in this book, Texas Two-Step, although it took awhile. C [...]

  • Michelle Molinari

    This is the combination (re-print) of two novels in the Hart of Texas saga (Lonesome Cowboy and Texas Two-Step). I love all these characters and I thoroughly enjoy how Macomber shifts POV so the readers get full disclosure on every character. In these two novels we get two love stories from two different couples. Instead of following just one character through-out the eight books, the readers gets to see everyone’s lives. Each book had two central characters with the cast of supporting charact [...]

  • ஐ Briansgirl (Book Sale Queen)ஐ

    Not as good as her other series so far, but I'm still reading it. I'm almost more intrigued by the mystery surrounding the ghost town of Bitter End that creeps into each story more so than the romances that are evolving in each book. Maybe because the romances are so obvious. For instance, after reading the first book, I already know which couple will get together in the third book. I'm hoping by the end of all 8 books in the series (originally 6, but she revisted the series) that the mystery su [...]

  • Pam

    I picked this one up at a local bookstore hoping for a change of pace with the western. Although it's rated highly by others, I just could not enjoy the characters and did not finish the book. This is a "2 books in one" type printing and I was able to make it through the first book, "Lonesome Cowboy". I found the female lead character to be entirely too naive, too sweet and too unbelievable. The male leads were okay, but were not strong enough to offset the female. Unfortunately, I just couldn't [...]

  • Diane Wachter

    PB-B @ 2007, 11/09. 2 Stories: Lonesome Cowboy @ 1998. Savannah Weston lives quietly on the family ranch with brother Grady, until a stranger named Laredo Smith comes along. Very Good. Texas Two-Step @ 1998. After her father's death, Ellie Frasier takes over the feed store in Promise. Still mourning, she turns to her friends for comfort. Now her long-standing friendship with Glen Patterson seems to be turning into something else. Same characters in each story. Very good.

  • Kathy

    Ok. I went a little too far in the chick lit department and ended up with this one from Walmart. I grabbed it on a whim since I wanted something to read while in the dentist's office. Ugh. I enjoy a good story, but wasn't very impressed with this one. The writing was mediocre and the characters a little over the top. It was very Harloquin romance, which is not really my style. I prefer stories with strong characters and good writing. This one was so-so.

  • TG

    I found this book really boring. I read Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove series and absolutely loved it. I just couldn't get into the characters of this book and nothing happened at all. I think that I'll stick with Kristan Higgins and Jill Shalvis. Their books always have a lot of romance, passion, and humor.

  • Cheryl

    In my bathroom.have been reading it on and off for a year or so. It took me a long time to "get into" this book because it was kind of "too cheesy" and "sweet". But, after I actually set down and began reading it (not just in the bathroom occasionally), I actually really got into the characters and ended up buying the other subsequent books in the series! Promise TX is a dream!

  • Rebekah

    So unredeemably terrible that I gave up before 50 pages. She's too dumb and a doormat and I have no reason to care about what happens with her; her brother is one-dimensionally awful and controlling; the love interest MIGHT be interesting but he wasn't immediately and everyone else is too dumb and/or terrible to overcome it. GOODBYE

  • Crystal

    For some reason during the summer, I like to read cheesy romance novels. I think it's because they are quick and light reading. I usually save the deep stuff for the cold weather months. I really liked this series. They are good clean romance novels that actually have kept me interested and wanting more.

  • Carol

    HEART OF TEXAS VOLUME ONE is a combination of two books written by Debbie Macomber: LONESOME COWBOY and TEXAS TWO-STEP. Both books are set in Promise, Texas which is a community of ranchers. Also, this is a series of romantic fiction novels. The stories are touching, and the characters are quite personable. Themes of family, friendship, and love are artfully woven into each book.

  • Hayley

    Debbie Macomber always has great books. I started at the 6th book of the Cedar Grove series, so I am going to go back and start from the first one. This one didn't seem was a fast read but didn't seem to have a great ending. It was still good though and I would recommend Debbie Macomber books to anyone that enjoys reading fiction!

  • Jana Kerr

    I usually say that I'm not fond of Romance books. But, I bought a couple of the books in the Heart of Texas series at great discount on Audible, and found that I can't seem to put these down. I like that the same characters are followed from book to book. They are pretty predictable, but I have enjoyed them. Not great literature, but a very good listen.

  • Carrie

    Okay, it's not great literature, but it's a sweet book in the "nice things happen to nice people" genre. I like the premise of this author's series of books: each series takes place in a small town somewhere (this one in the made up town of Promise, Texas) and each book focuses on a different couple in the town.Debbie Macomber can always be counted on for a reliable, nice book.