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Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology
Title : Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781844166008
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 441

Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology assembles original stories by some of the genre's foremost writers. Edited by Nick Gevers, this collection includes brand new stories from some of science fiction and fantasy's foremost writers.

Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology Reviews

  • Cait

    I picked this book up based on the subtitle touting it as "The Definitive Steampunk Anthology", which will teach me to believe cover blurbs instead of checking reviews! I am not terribly familiar with steampunk, but I think that this collection, while interesting, is highly unlikely to be definitive. Then again, I didn't even read all of it, so perhaps I missed a shining gem.What I did read was a mixed bag. The good:"Static" by Marly Youmans combined fantastic world-building with fairy-tale rete [...]

  • Joshua

    For those new to this sub-genre of speculative fiction,Steampunkbasically refers to stories generally set during Victorian-era England that focus on steampowered devices that may or may not be examples of modern technology (steampowered cars, robots, ships, etc.) It's a bugeoning sub-genre that has finally started to get a lot of attention even though it's been around since the days of H.G. Wells.This anthology touts itself as the "definitive Steampunk" anthology." However, I think that tag does [...]

  • MB Taylor

    I finished reading Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology last night. This is a very nice collection of 12 Steampunk not so short stories, mostly by authors I’ve never read. And I’d only read steampunkish works by one of the three authors I had read before, Kage Baker. From my perspective this is a well done collection, I enjoyed all the stories, although a few were a little unsettling.It took me a while to get into one, “Static” by Marly Youmans, but by the time I fin [...]

  • Cindy

    Generally, it's a bad sign when you're not even halfway through a book and are already set on giving it away. Yet, I kept going, hoping that it would get better. In any collection of short stories, you need to expect some hits and misses. Unfortunately, there seem to be more of the latter here. There were some stories that I feel that I should have theoretically enjoyed, such as "Static", although even here I found myself almost bored. I did find two stories that I did genuinely enjoy toward the [...]

  • Virginprune

    a mixed bag, and a reminder that genres (etc.) can carry much dross along as the tide rises the collection seems loosely arranged in order of worth; by skipping the first couple of stories you can live longer - or at least conserve valuable minutes for something worthwhile. having said that, there are some nuggets in here too.i suspect this is better seen as an "and also" collection for established Steampunk fans than as sampler for those wanting to get into the genre - i hadn't read the earlie [...]

  • Marie Angell

    I suppose no attorney general will sue Nick Gevers for calling this book a "definitive" steampunk anthology, although I think a case could be made.It's not that all the stories are uniformly bad. It's just that some are clunky, over-long, dense. With any anthology, you pays yer ticket, you takes yer chances. This book would certainly have been better served by toning down the hyperbole a notch or three.I imagine that steampunk aficionados will find something to like in this book. Although I'm no [...]

  • Jim

    This was my first experience with the steampunk genre, and I enjoyed it very much. Many thanks to Amanda for her recommendation of this eclectic short story collection.I was especially impressed with ‘American Cheetah’ (Robert Reed) and 'Speed, Speed the Cable’ (Kage Baker). Both appeal to my interest in historical fiction, and both were written with great skill and imagination. ‘Fixing Hanover’ (Jeff VanderMeer) and ‘Elementals’ (Ian R. Macleod) were also excellent.I will definite [...]

  • Amanda

    Pretty good collection of steampunk short fiction. First few didn't hold my attention very well but the rest were quite absorbing.

  • Kira Nerys

    Throughout these stories, I struggled with the definition of steampunk itself: the magical, technological innovations that characterize each world feel absurd in their grandeur. I understand that the style relies upon not-quite-explained scientific concepts and the odd mix of explainable and unexplained--magic and science--but I find this genre difficult to dive into. Any feminism hardly counted as progressive, given the historical setting constraints within the modern publication. I appreciated [...]

  • Jay Cook

    Awesome shorts of Steampunk.

  • Roddy Williams

    An excellent anthology of the Steampunk subgenre from Gevers and the good people of Solaris, with not a bad story in the whole bunch. Of particular note are the stories by Marly Youmans and Margo Lanagan.Steampunch – James Lovegrove (2008)Static – Marly Youmans (2008)Speed, Speed the Cable – Kage Baker (2008)Elementals – Ian R Macleod (2008)Machine Maid – Margo Lanagan (2008)Lady Witherspoon’s Solution – James Morrow (2008)Hannah – Keith Brooke (2008)Petrolpunk – Adam Roberts ( [...]

  • Serena

    3.7 starsSteampunch by James Lovegrove***Static by Marly Youmans ****Speed, Speed the Cable by Kage Baker ***Elementals by Ian R MacLeod ***Machine Maid by Margo Lanahan ****Lady Witherspoon's Solution by James Morrow ****Hannah by Keith Brooke ****Petrolpunk by Adam Roberts ***American Cheetah by Robert Reed ****Fixing Hanover by Jeff VanderMeer ****the Lollygang Save the World on Accident by Jay Lake ****the Dream of Reason by Jeffrey Ford ****My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't re [...]

  • Angel

    I debated if I wanted to give it less than three stars, but in the end there is enough in the book to warrant at least a look. This is certainly not a "definitive" anthology, but it does have some good gems in it. The problem is it also has some pretty bad duds, and you have to sort them out. If you kept up with status updates as I read it, you will see that I found the book overall hit and miss. Some stories were really good, and others were not. When the book "worked," it was good. When it did [...]

  • Aedan Lake

    An interesting anthology which was - thankfully - more diverse than I had expected (having gone in expecting page after page of clockwork automata, airships, difference engines and Victorian social mores). Editor Nick Gevers has taken care to mix things up a bit however, and although all tropes are present and correct across the whole anthology (I was pretty sick of reading the name Babbage by the end) there is a great deal of moderation and even subversion, along with plentiful imagination even [...]

  • MacKenzie Turner

    I must start by saying I am a huge fan of the steampunk aesthetic--call me old fashioned, but I just have a soft spot for the subtle combination of bustle shirts and deadly ray guns. In retrospect, I should have taken its resemblance to my father's collection of mediocre sci-fi paperbacks as a warning, but I was young and naive and, moreover, the book was ridiculously cheap. So, wary though I was. I took a chance. As with many such collections of stories, Extraordinairy Engines proved wildly une [...]

  • Wendy Perkins

    Steampunk is not my genre. This is what I discovered while reading this collection of short stories. While a couple of the stories were close to what I expected--science fiction stories with a broader base of toys to play with, such as Jules Verne of HG Wells might have written if they'd known about robots or space travel for real--others were so heavily fantasy that I wasn't even sure they were in the right anthology. Most of the stories seemed well constructed, if a bit too eager to follow the [...]

  • Batsap

    So maybe this book is not the definitive anthology it claims to be, but for someone only just discovering the genre of steampunk like me, I thought it was an interesting and useful introduction.There was a good mix of stories showcasing different ways in which the genre can be portrayed - from in-depth science-fiction to elaborate Victorian settings. There were a couple of stories that I didn't enjoy very much, but that is only to be expected in an anthology. I couldn't help feeling in some plac [...]

  • Reenie

    I went into this not being entirely sure what to make of 'Steampunk' - (one of the hottest new trends in genre fiction, according to the introduction, although I'm not sure how that's supposed to make me more inclined to read it). After twelve days of readng one of these each day, I'm still not entirely sure what to make of it. Sci Fi and historical fiction (hifi? Hisfic?) are each individually some of my favourite things, but while they don't cancel out when you put them together, they don't se [...]

  • Emily

    I didn't get to read all of this but if the last few storiesa are anything like the first six or seven then I wasn't missing out. I'm new to the steampunk genre so I was really excited when I stumbled upon this book. I mean, how can you go wrong reading the "definitive collection?" So I was really disappointed by how dull and lifeless most of the stories were. The only one I really enjoyed was MacLeod's "Elementals." Also, a lot of the stories that I did end up reading were not really "steampunk [...]

  • Audrey

    A nice anthology of steampunk fiction -- I wasn't too wild about a couple of stories, including the first one in the collection, but there were several others that were fantastic. In fact, I've added a number of new authors to my to-read list (like I needed to do that!). I particularly enjoyed the melding of Victorian or Edwardian London as a setting with the gadgets and gizmos of the science fiction genre. Some of these are more along the lines of horror or space operas (and even one that dips [...]

  • PaulPerry

    As with many anthologies this is a little bit of a mixed bag, although on the whole the stories are excellent. The opener, 'Steampunch' by James Lovegrove, is for me far the weakest effort. Each of the other stories either presents an original take on the genre - 'The Lollygang Saves the World on Accident', 'Static', Petrolpunk - or, like Margo Lanahan's 'Machine Maid' use the tropes of the genre to excellent and chilling effect.Well worth a read as an introduction to Steampunk and perhaps some [...]

  • Annie

    I can't improve on previous reviews. This was an odd collection whose only tie seemed to be some mechanical or steam driven contraption or scientific experimentation, not so typical of Jules Verne as of modern Steampunk. So, the title is a fitting one. Each story was so different from the ones before it that I found myself really liking the collection. I was partial to the Machine Maid story, if only because I admire women with intelligence, and I liked Elementals and The Lollygang Save the Worl [...]

  • Catherine

    I think putting "definitive" an any book cover is generally pushing your luck. This is an interesting collection of stories, though many stick to the perceived tried and true (Victorian-influenced, Western setting and protagonists, etc.). There were a couple of standouts for me, including Marly Youman's "Static," Kage Baker's "Speed, Speed the Cable" and Margot Lanahan's "Machine Maid." Others, like Reed's "American Cheetah" were a little too much "because we can/isn't tech grand" stories that d [...]

  • Deb

    For the first time, I didn't read the whole collection of short stories. Instead, I skim-read until a story caught my eye and then I started from the point the story was interesting. My favorite story was about a benevolent society that experimented with serums that turned violent convicts into ape eunechs, and the second favorite was about a robot maid that a young wife in the Outback modified as revenge for a philandering husbandd only now, as I'm writing this, did I realize the thing that bot [...]

  • Christopher

    This was an amazing anthology. If you've got any love, or interest in, the steampunk genre, get this anthology. If you already read steampunk, this one will jump to the front of your favorites. If you haven't read steampunk, but you're kinda curious, this is the perfect introduction. There are examples in this anthology of what the genre can do when in the hands of truly talented writers. (ya I'm talking to you Mr. Vandermeer)

  • Malcolm

    If you're new to Steampunk, this is a very nice introduction of short stories set in the Victorian period. Steampunk is just one of a variety of sub-genres of science fiction, where the phenomenal possibilities of steam power are explored in a new way. If you saw the film League of Extraordinary Gentlemen you'll know something of the sub-genre already. Sit back back and enjoy the wonders of the steam age.

  • Matthew

    Many of these stories are fantastic. I especially enjoyed Steampunch, Petrolpunk, American Cheetah, Elementals and Machine Maid. They're each fantastic examples of the different sides of Steampunk. Some of the other stories are pretty out there, and stretch the definition of Steampunk to the limits, which I don't think is a bad thing, though I prefer the ones with actual steam power. Highly recomended reading for any Steampunk fans.

  • Amanda Nuchols

    Well, the first two stories suck and the third one is just OK. Here's hoping it gets better. Will take a while to read this one since it has been relegated to a "car book." In other words, it will get taken in to doctor's offices and such with me when I forget to bring a different book.Ok - a general waste of time. Most of the stories weren't absolute trash, but they came close. Will be a good trader at the used book store.

  • Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides

    I snagged this because I was curious about the Kage Baker story. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a story featuring Edward Bell-Fairfax from her Company series. And I kinda loathe that character. I took a look at some of the stories by the other authors I was familiar with but nothing really grabbed me here. If you want an introduction to steampunk, the anthology edited by Ann and Jeff Vandermeer is superior IMO.

  • marruman mc mahon

    A lot of the stories were really boring, but I found a few on them really good. If I could make a separate book with just the Mechanical Maid, Hanna, and the third last story, it would easily have made five stars. However, quite a few of the other stories really dragged the book down. While some were mediocre, others were brilliant.