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Under Heaven's Shining Stars
Title : Under Heaven's Shining Stars
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Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 370

For three young boys, Liam, Patrick, and Hugo, life in Ireland of the 1960s proves to be both idyllic and flawed. Living in close proximity but leading vastly different lives, the bonds of friendship bind these young men as they grow, dream, and navigate the storms of youth. In a world where the Catholic Church is a looming and pervasive presence, the dreamy ideal of childFor three young boys, Liam, Patrick, and Hugo, life in Ireland of the 1960s proves to be both idyllic and flawed. Living in close proximity but leading vastly different lives, the bonds of friendship bind these young men as they grow, dream, and navigate the storms of youth. In a world where the Catholic Church is a looming and pervasive presence, the dreamy ideal of childhood is staunchly contrasted against the backdrop of suffering and darkness in the lives of these three boys. Will their friendship be enough to weather the gale? Or will their separate struggles tear them apart? In Under Heaven’s Shining Stars, author Jean Grainger brings to life the struggles and simplicity that often go hand-in-hand with growing up. Experience the gambit of emotion as you witness the journey of Liam, Patrick, and Hugo as they face the beauty, turmoil, and endless possibilities of life under the turbulent Irish sky.

Under Heaven's Shining Stars Reviews

  • Pam

    Under Heaven’s Shining Stars is by Jean Grainger. The novel is set in Cork, Ireland. It is an amazing look at three young men as they progress through secondary school at St. Bart’s Catholic school. The unlikely friendship between two scholarship students and one very well situated young man shows the true character of these young men. The paths of these three young men have taken to get to this school is equally impressive. Jean Grainger brings the role of the Catholic Church in the everyda [...]

  • Judy

    I really enjoyed this look into the everyday habits and traditions of a very poor Irish Catholic family in Cork, Ireland, that was struggling to make ends meet. They relied on their love for one another, their faith and their like minded impoverished neighbors for purpose and support. It's a peek into the good and bad effects of strict Catholicism on the lives of desperate people seeking hope and understanding of their station in life. At times the writing took on a very stiff, mechanical tone b [...]

  • Nancy

    This was a very engrossing book covering a number of themes. The deep friendship of three very different young boys- Liam, Patrick and Hugo- from (or near to) the city of Cork, Ireland, continues to develop into adulthood, forming bonds that are unbreakable. For a young devout Roman Catholic man entering the priesthood there are hurdles for Liam to pass and ethics to agonise over. For Patrick there are life changing events that it seems impossible to evade the consequences of. Hugo looks set to [...]

  • Fr Neil

    I enjoyed this book, which revived all my sentiments for the old country. There were some textual problems (confusion of practice as a noun and practise as a verb), but not many. One serious flaw in the plot relates to the succession to an hereditary peerage. Only legitimate male heirs of the peer's body can inherit his title; they must be legitimate at the time of their birth. If he dies without legitimate issue, it goes to the next available male heir by primogeniture. This may mean going back [...]

  • Jessica

    Heartwarming!This is one of the best books I've read in a long time! A heartwarming tale of three young Irish lads, Liam, Patrick, and Hugo, who become lifelong friends, despite overwhelming odds. Their relationships with each other, their families and their neighbors, are realistic, the dialog is believable, and their innermost thoughts and feelings are very normal and human. The story deals with issues of conscience in a very clear and straightforward manner, recognizing that not everything is [...]

  • Patricia

    An unlikely friendship forged at school by three boys, Liam, Patrick and Hugo, a friendship that defies logic. Liam and Patrick have grown up in poverty and are scholarship students and Hugo is wealthy and titled. Liam and Hugo have both lost their father while Patrick wishes his drunk father would disappear permanently. Liam is thoughtful and religious; Patrick is an athlete; and Hugo is lonely and generous.A pleasant tale of three boys who shared their dreams and fears through thick and thin a [...]

  • Tracey Pedersen

    This is my first Jean Grainger book and boy, was it great. I found myself thinking about it during the day when I should have been doing other things. I couldn't wait to get back to it each night to see what happened next. It was an even paced read that spanned quite a few years - from when the characters were young, through school and onto them becoming young adults. The characters were complex and the whole feel of the book set in an Irish community was spot on. You could almost imagine you we [...]

  • Chu-Salyer Sharon

    This book is about three young boys from three different back grounds, how they met in school, and grew up in to men. And also how they united and became a family. Each boy has some trouble in their lives. They have something in common. This book is about love, kindness, acceptance, and understanding. The book also talks about the Catholic faith. And how many rules were broken for the greater good. I love reading this book. Could not put the book down even to sleep. It makes me think and questio [...]

  • Danielle Carpenter

    This story is amazing. These three boys are as different as night and day, but they bind at the secondary school that they are attending. They grow up three different ways, but it is love for each other that keeps them together. The heartbreak and disappointments that life gave them would have and could have broken any one of them, but it was their friendship that saw them through. Although this book has some heavy theological issues in it, I feel that the author captures the heart of what keeps [...]

  • Richard S. Levick

    A book that is hard to put down, traveling the childhood to adulthood years of three friends as they struggle with late 1960s and 1970s Cork, Ireland. A lovely story and one where you know you will miss the characters after finishing the book. When the last page is done you are struck with the reality that this was fiction and you will not have three truly remarkable young men still in your life.Weakest part of the book was the ending where everything is wrapped up just a little too perfectly, b [...]

  • SHARONBoyle

    I lived in Ireland in 1977. The only thing missing is talk of the troubles. The rest is so true to life I felt like Martha's best friend. She would have confided the whole Hugo experience and result, the unassailable friendship between Liam, Patrick and Hugo. We would have handled the murder, the lovers, the vocation and the romance in stride, just girl talk, and wrapped it all up in a bow. Not exactly easily categorized but definitely recognizable as good, totally enjoyable fiction.

  • Judith

    Always a surpriseI never know what her next story will be about but, each and everyone is unique. So far every book has taken place is Ireland which is why I now like so many before me have planned a holiday there. This book should be of interest to young , old and just about anyone interested in the possibilities that can happen on any given day. I truly enjoyed the book and all the characters.

  • Marian

    Great bookThis book told the story of a love of friends, family,  community and faith. Three tweens became friends in school. In order to survive their adolescent years they formed a special bond that many people don't find in life. Their friendship takes twists and turns that test the personal limits they thought they knew. Love taught them that they must stand up for right yet realize that life is not as black and white as it once seemed. Read and enjoy.

  • Anne-Marie Webster

    This author is a talented writer.I will acknowledge the author's skill. I am not Catholic, however I could not quite decide if the author had a bone to pick or just considered herself an "educated progressive." This does not in my opinion qualify as Christian literature. Not my cup of tea.

  • Sandra

    A very interesting Irish story which might take readers by surprise. Jean Grainger delightfully describes her characters, their backgrounds and their dreams and desires in each of her books. She tackles the difficult subjects and makes one keep coming back for more. The bond between Liam, Patrick and Hugo is solid and memorable. Once again, well done, Jean!

  • Marijke Durning

    I don't give a lot of five star reviews but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found the characters to be believable and there was just a touching thread of friendship and true love throughout the story. Not overly dramatic, no overkill - just a good story about three good friends who couldn't be more different. I especially liked Liam's life changes over the years.

  • Reba Kolb

    A wonderful taleA wonderful telling of the unlikely, lasting friendship formed between three very different boys. The characters will all grab your heart and won't let go. This is a tale that will long stay with me.

  • Larry

    While I enjoyed the story I did not feel it was exceptionally well written. Much of the time the writing was rudimentary and the author kept dragging the story along, many times making the same observations over and over.

  • Bonnie

    I enjoyed this book a lot. The characters and setting (Cork, Ireland in the 1960s and 70s) are interested and depicted well. Very interesting plot. My only complaint (and really not much of one): it seemed that things were maybe resolved a bit too neatly by the end of the book.

  • Mary Riecke

    Great read!A truly enjoyable story of life and living. Truths, honesty, loyalty, hardships, mistakes, celebrationsl parts of Life and the beauty of true, lasting, long-term friendships! An awesome story!

  • Karen B

    I enjoyed the book, but keep wondering how a book about three Irish boys being educated in a Catholic school, could possible have to face so many issues such as murder, wife abuse, homosexuality and a child out of wedlock.

  • Captain Dady Mody

    I spent a holiday in County Cork & had one of the most wonderful holidays in my life. I was intrigued by the fact that the story was set in the same vicinity.I enjoyed the book, it was a good read & I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read (like I do) about the stories of Ireland, whether they be fact or fiction.Captain Dady J. Mody

  • Tracey Andrews

    I loved this book about friendship. The kind that starts in childhood and continues through life. I cried, I was uplifted and didn’t want to put it down. The sort of book that that had a satisfying ending but I still didn’t want it to end, just because it was so good.

  • Wayne D

    A very lovely bookA very lovely book, with characters that will touch your heart. So many of life's struggles make up this story and are dealt with in a very believable way. Great read.

  • Margaret

    Not as good as the tour, but an entertaining read.

  • Patty

    This was a well written thought provoking book. I loved the characters and the story line.

  • Linda

    The story of three Irish boys and their deep and abiding friendship over time. Recommend.

  • Towanda55

    Good for a rainy day and box of chocsAn unlikely taleough many of the separate elements are real. Easy reading and a feel good ending. Rainy day reading!

  • Carole L. Olson

    Couldn't put it downLoved the story. The characters and their relationships were interesting and believable. I look forward to reading more from this author.

  • Closetsbycarol

    You can’t help but get attached to the characters. A page turner.