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The Cinderella Governess
Title : The Cinderella Governess
Author :
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ISBN : 9780373298976
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 288

Once upon a time… Joanna Radcliff has always dreamed of the day when she'd become a governess and finally be part of a proper family. Except, instead of a warm welcome, she's given a frosty reception by her employers—and her charges! The only person who pays her any attention is the dashing Major Preston… Despite their stolen conversations and tantalizing glances in the baOnce upon a time… Joanna Radcliff has always dreamed of the day when she'd become a governess and finally be part of a proper family. Except, instead of a warm welcome, she's given a frosty reception by her employers—and her charges! The only person who pays her any attention is the dashing Major Preston… Despite their stolen conversations and tantalizing glances in the ballroom, Luke and Joanna know that their stations in life are just too different. But when this Cinderella governess's life is transformed and their roles are reversed, will they risk everything to be together?

The Cinderella Governess Reviews

  • Caz

    Georgie Lee’s The Cinderella Governess is the first book in a new series from Harlequin Historical which will feature stories written by four different authors. The heroines are a group of friends who have all been pupils at Madame DuBois’ school for young ladies in Salisbury, and are about to leave there to work as governesses. As this book opens, we learn that one of them – Rachel – is to travel to the Arabian kingdom of Huria to take up a position teaching the children of the Sheikh, [...]

  • Sonya Heaney

    Aaaand… I’m done at %18.The author literally just introduced the (innocent redhead) “Cinderella’s” stepfamily as: Evil stepmother = blonde. Evil eldest stepsister = beautiful blonde. Poor, downtrodden middle stepsister = brunette. Evil youngest stepsister = nasty little blonde.Uh, romance authors? Could we stop with the misogyny??!! Fair-haired beauty does not equal evilness, just as being a brunette or a redhead does not make a woman a kind-hearted genius.I think maybe Cinderella stor [...]

  • Tracy's Place

    3.5 out of 5

  • Monique Daoust

    Miss Joanna Radcliff is graduating from Madame Dubois’ School for Young Ladies, and she’s officially become a governess. Joanna has never had a home, she was a foundling, left on the step of the School when but a babe. She hopes that she will find a home at the Huntfords. Such is not to be the case. This is where the inspiration from Cinderella kicks in. Joanna left her friends and the comfort of the School for a house where she is met with disdain. Her charges are unmanageable, especially t [...]

  • Lisa(Bookworm Lisa)

    The Cinderella Governess is a fun regency book that has a rags to riches story. Joanna was left on the steps of the girls school as an infant. She was raised by the teachers and headmistress with the goal of becoming a governess and making her own way in life. She always wondered why she was left and longed for a real family.Her first job as a Governess is not what she expected. Her employers pay are miserly and expect her to work miracles with their unruly daughters. She does meet her "Prince" [...]

  • Harlequin Books

    "The Governess Tales series starter is charming. Lee reimagines the fairy tale complete with cruel employers, a most unlikely fairy god father and a perfect nobleman. . The even pacing and sweet romance makes for the ideal, light read" (RT Book Reviews).Miniseries: The Governess Tales

  • Mia

    Ugh. This is one of the worst pieces of shit that I've ever had the misfortune to come across. The more I think of it, the worse it gets.The heroine is a weak, meek, and hugely annoying creature who never speaks her mind; thus ultimately causing a lot of bother for both herself and others. She even goes as far as to abandon a man at the altar because she couldn't say how she felt. This however, is not a problem for the author, as we never get to hear how the poor jilted groom to be dealt with su [...]

  • Mary Craven

    Why I love my Kindle found the third book in the shop, needed to read books one and two in the series. Lovely story. I do love a good Cinderella theme.

  • Angela

    Very good book. Must read again.

  • Michelle

    Reviewed for marysuediesA lovely happily ever after fairytale.The reason that I love romance novels, rom-com movies, and fairytales, is the happy ending. There is enough strife in reality that I don’t require a large dose with my entertainment. Yes, there are instances when a good angst-ridden romance with broken heroes and damaged heroines is what I’m looking for. A lot of the time though I just want to read about two worthy people finding everlasting love despite obstacles thrown in their [...]

  • Jill James

    A Sweet retelling of a fairy tale. The characters leapt off the page.

  • Krystal

    When I saw the title, I was thinking it was going to be more a "rags to riches" kind of story than one that left me thinking it was more an attempt at giving the Cinderella story a regency twist. To begin with, I felt as though the author took the "Cinderella" vibe a little too far by giving Joanna the employer equivalent of a wicked stepmother and wicked step-sister. In fact the first time we meet the oldest daughter Frances, she is angry with Joanna for interrupting her tryst with someone (nev [...]

  • Connie Fischer

    Madame Dubois’s School for Young Ladies is where friends Joanna, Rachel, Isabel, and Grace are students. After much training, the are finally taking positions as governesses. Joanna Radcliff left first to work at Huntford Place in Hertfordshire. There she is in charge of 4 girls. They are ill-behaved and treat her with contempt. Her room is sparse and always cold. In addition, the parents are not friendly and tend to ignore her.Joanna had been a foundling left on the doorstep at Madame Dubois [...]

  • Barb Klein

    Georgie Lee is the author of a series of books in The Governess Tales. Joanna Radcliff, Rachel Talbot, Isabel Morton and Grace Bertram are four girls who grew up together in Madame Dubois’s school for young ladies. Now that their time at the school is over, they must seek employment as governesses, which they have trained to do. “The Cinderella Governess” is the first in the series and follows Joanna Radcliff as she begins her life in the working world. Joanna doesn’t really know who she [...]

  • Amary Chapman

    The Cinderella Governess by Georgie Lee Historical Romance Johanna Radcliff, left at the door of a school for young ladies as an infant left as a graduate to be a governess for the Huntfords.o bad she didn't know the girls were spoiled brats and the father was beyond miserly. She had wondered all her life why she'd been left there and just assumed she hadn't been lovable enough. Making do with her situation, she tried hard to help the four girls, an uphill battle, because the oldest, whose examp [...]

  • Laura

    A book I really enjoyed and would go back to reread at some point. I'm more interested in the author's future works than other books in the same series.This is one of those books I would recommend based on tropes and level of fluff desired, as opposed to a 'great to recommend for anyone' type. It's silly and melodramatic at times and a lot of back and forth between the H and h either being friends or romantically involved. It could get tiring but since I was engaged and enjoying myself, I liked [...]

  • Tima

    Joanna has no idea who her family is, or where she came from. She appeared on the steps of a ladies finishing school when she was a baby with only her name pinned to her clothing. Now, as a young lady, her deepest dream is to be part of a family. She hopes that being a governess will lead her in that direction. But the family she is with is not her idea of a good family. And what is she to do when she falls in love with Luke, someone way beyond her station.This was a regency Cinderella story of [...]

  • Fiction State Of Mind

    I received a complimentary download of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.It's just not summer unless I read a Harlequin romance and this one was a great read. In this novel Lee introduces us to Joanna Radcliff a young governess who is struggling on her first job. Feeling isolated Johanna finds herself breaking from good governess conduct , by having conversations with a young major ,who is in need of a wife with a nice dowry. Luke and Joanna are not supposed to fall in lo [...]

  • Lucina

    3.0 starsThis book was very nice and entertaining in the beginning but the second half was way too long and unnecessarily complicated. One time the heroine thought that the hero doesn't love her, then he thought she wasn't feeling anything for him, then she thought it and he thought it and so it went, for pages and pages! And it alternated with them thinking that the other one had feelings. How can anyone think someones in love with them one moment and the next think the opposite? It was soooo a [...]

  • Maggie Hesseling

    A bit of an Oliver story in the sense that it's rags to riches. She's a governess that is sent to a neighbourhood to take care of some children but loses her position and finds family as well as love.The novel isn't all that deep, but it's an easy read. I enjoyed how her grandfather was pretending to be the local clergyman and chatting to her, that he was kind even though he had no idea who she was. But I found her character a little insipid and the man she falls in love with a little bland.

  • Deirdre

    While some of this was interesting, some was a bit predictable, more a 3.5 than 3 but not quite a 4.Joanna Radcliff was left at the door of a boarding school as a young infant and now she's about to leave and become a governess, but the family she's assigned to are terrible, but the place she is in will change her life, between a man who falls for her and someone who can tell her about her past, what choices she makes will change many lives.

  • Harlequin Historical

    Miniseries: The Governess Tales

  • Ruth

    DNFing at 40% of the way through. I just didn't care about any of the characters.

  • Seanna Yeager

    A fun regency historical treat of a romance. I really enjoyed the tension between the characters ranks and sense of duty to their families.