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Renegade (Steele Standing Prequel)
Title : Renegade (Steele Standing Prequel)
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ISBN : null
Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 235

Margaret Wilson is eighteen years old in the summer of 1969. The Vietnam War is raging. Her mother is dying and her father is drowning in his own emotional pain. She is sheltered, religious and completely unprepared for William Steele. William is a product of his family's legendary reputation. Rich, reckless and known for pushing boundaries, he lives up to generations of gMargaret Wilson is eighteen years old in the summer of 1969. The Vietnam War is raging. Her mother is dying and her father is drowning in his own emotional pain. She is sheltered, religious and completely unprepared for William Steele. William is a product of his family's legendary reputation. Rich, reckless and known for pushing boundaries, he lives up to generations of gossip by upping the ante, one rebellious night at a time. The reality of his world sweeps away Margaret's innocence and puts her in the middle of a place she's never known. Now, she must decide whether she's going to stand with him or against him and her choice may just cost her everything. Is their young love strong enough to hold it all together?

Renegade (Steele Standing Prequel) Reviews

  • Geri Glenn

    5 Swoony and Sexy Stars!When I first learned that this was a book set in the 60's, I wasn't sure if I would be all that into it. I was so very wrong. William and Margaret's story drew me in from the first sentence and refused to let me go.I love me a firm alpha male and William was everything I love in a book boyfriend. Funny, tough, sexy as hell and has a soft spot for a certain special girl who refuses to take his crap. Margaret was an unlikely but somehow perfect fit for William. I loved thei [...]

  • Liberty Parker

    I was given this arc for an honest review by author, and I'm very excited to leave my review.William and Margaret have a beautiful story that will have you glued to your seat in anticipation of what happens next. William is known as the wild child of their small community, known for his renegade ways. Rich boy, whose family has a reputation for the way they cam into their money. He has a reputation as a lady's man, never holding on to one longer than he wears a pair of socks before moving on to [...]

  • Amanda

    this is one of those books that will pull at your heart strings. Margaret is a good girl raised in a strict household and takes care of everyone. William is that bad boy that everyone knows about and parents warn their daughters about. these two are a match made in heaven and it is right up there with in my opinion, Nicholas Sparks. don't let the time period fool you though, these two deal with the same tragedies, war, love and crazy ex lovers that any young adult today deal with. this is one st [...]

  • Melissa Mendoza

    “Her soft hands hugged my face, tilting me up to her. It was too dark to see any emotion in her eyes, and when I hesitated, Margaret took the reins, leaning her body into mine, kissing me.”5 emotionally beautiful stars!! This book will make you feel every emotion imaginable. It’s beautifully written and so well thought out!It’s the summer of 1969 and poor Margaret is watching her mother die, while being sheltered in a religious house and constantly told she can’t have any fun. William [...]

  • Erika PBookHavenBookBlog

    This story describes the tale of two highly unlikely individuals, and their beautifully written story encompassing a lifetime of what is discovered to be a true and lasting love. The author skillfully reveals the inner thoughts of the couple, switching back and forth between their points of view, which lends depth and detail to the story. I personally loved the progression of the relationship that at times, seemed destined to fail, especially with some unexpected turn of events that actually cau [...]

  • Dee Price

    Margaret Wilson is a good girl who abides by her dad's rules and takes care of her ailing mother. Putting their needs before her own, means she has to delay going away to school and resigning herself to stay in a town that she hates. But all of that changes, when bad boy William Steele barges into her life. William is a reckless rich boy who is used to getting everything that he wants and right now, he has his sights on Margaret. Being with Will means breaking the rules and being the subject of [...]

  • Geneva Handleman

    Awesome. A true romance novel, sweet and sexy, exciting and upbeat all at the same time. Bad boy chases good girl in a small town where there are no secrets and your family history walks with everywhere. As an independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock, I can gladly give this five full fangs for catching my attention quickly and keeping me turning pages! The characters are well developed and interesting, the story is believable and it leaves you wanting to spend more time [...]

  • Jennifer Ellis

    William is a bad boy from a family with a reputation that goes back to the days of bootlegging during prohibition. His family went legit, but the reputation stuck.Margaret is a good girl that obeys her father and goes to church every Sunday. She is expected to do the right thing and that is what she does. She has the reputation for being a cold fish.It all starts with a car. When William is gifted a beautiful 1969 Shelby Mustang GT500 from his father for his hard work, He decides to run it throu [...]

  • Bargain Book Reviews

    I enjoyed this book. The author really captures small town life of the 1960s with its prejudices, scandals, and characters, all while still hitting the high notes of the 60s: the Vietnam war and the free love movement.I loved the characters, and while I worried Margaret would fall into the good girl meets bad boy trope and go wild, she retains her innocence even while growing into her own character. I really liked how William and Margaret's relationship grew.The plot was a little predictable, ea [...]

  • K. Ryner

    This book has it all for me. Kindness, love, affection, sexy scenes and loyalty. Strong and lovely family, a sweet woman and an adorable hero. Very well written . Fantastic debute! I' m sure I will read the following one Highly recommanded! You did a great job Miss Sinclair!

  • Tony Parsons

    1969, Bradford. Marguerite Margaret Wilson (18, babysitter) mother has serious kidney problems & might not make it. Her dad suffers from depression.Margaret & William Will Steele (wealthy, womanizer) from different lifestyles meet during the Vietnam War era. Margaret mother has serious kidney problems & might not make it. Her dad suffers from depression.Warning: This book contains graphic adult content, extreme violence, or expletive language &/or uncensored sexually explicit mat [...]

  • Sharon

    This is the prequel for the Steele Standing Series. I need to mention that the cover is so different than what I thought the book would be. The story is actually set in 1969 and it tells the story of Margaret Wilson and William Steele. They live in a small town and the Steele family is well known in town…and not in a good way. When William sets his sights on Margaret, will she trust him or will his bad boy ways prevents her from seeing the real guy hiding underneath?“Maybe that was the probl [...]

  • Brandi Reeves-Pearson (Saints and Sinners Books)

    When I first started Renegade, I wasn't sure what to expect. Which is a good thing. This book took me by surprised at how much I was sucked into the story of summer love. William is the bad boy of the town and everyone that lives there has their minds made up about him and his family. It's all rumors, but when Margaret comes into the picture, she immediately sees more in him. Margaret is the sweet and innocent girl that always goes by the rules. She's never done anything to upset her parents and [...]

  • Charlotte Isaac

    Steele family from beginning.Wow, I had so many emotions. I gasped, cheered and cried. Brilliantly written and great start to series.We meet William, he is known as a player and has a bad reputation in the little town. He is known as love them and leave them guy. He tries and goes steady with Victoria until one day he catches her cheating on him. He didn't believe he could live it down until same day he nearly runs someone down.We Margaret, who is a good girl and follows her parents rules and lo [...]

  • Helen Simpson


  • Lin ( Nerdy Bookworm)

    Margaret was the typical southern girl, who thirst for her parent approval. She was always considered the quiet young girl wanting to do the right thing, never defying her parental instructions. Her mother became ill; therefore, Margaret omit college degree to assist with the household duties. William was the typical rich, wild, street kid, who was known for his defiance acts and a womanizer. The small town knew about his family old reputation of bootlegging when it was against the law even thou [...]