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Who Is Jeff Kinney?
Title : Who Is Jeff Kinney?
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Even as a kid, everyone thought Jeff Kinney was talented. People loved his drawings, and when he went to college, his comic strip Igdoof was so popular that it spread to other universities! Still, Jeff faced challenges. His cartoons were rejected by syndicates that claimed his art was unprofessional. Then, an idea struck: Jeff would write a journal from the perspective ofEven as a kid, everyone thought Jeff Kinney was talented. People loved his drawings, and when he went to college, his comic strip Igdoof was so popular that it spread to other universities! Still, Jeff faced challenges. His cartoons were rejected by syndicates that claimed his art was unprofessional. Then, an idea struck: Jeff would write a journal from the perspective of a child, illustrated with doodles just like a kid might do. And so, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series was born--and it was a hit! In this biography, Jeff's brother, Patrick Kinney, provides a knowledgeable look at the life of this best-selling author/illustrator. From Jeff's childhood pranks to his job developing online games, kids will love the chance to learn more about the creator of the popular Wimpy Kid books.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Who Is Jeff Kinney? Reviews

  • Ryan

    This book is a great example of how great the Kinney's are. Not only is this about one of the greatest writers of all time who is publishing his eleventh book in his series Diary of a wimpy kid. Yes it is also written by his brother. they're a legacy! this is definitely a good book to read.

  • Mramirez

    The title of this book is Who is Jeff Kinney.The author of this book is Patrick Kinney.This book falls into realistic fiction Because this book is about a real person and some of the events might not be true.This book is about Jeff Kinney it takes place at the hospital where he was born then as a baby his older brother was not to nice to him as he got older he had pulled pranks on Jeff and he didn't like it. Jeff loved to read throughout his he even asked to go to the bathroom during school. And [...]

  • Sue

    Never heard of him; book didn't "send" me either.

  • Slow Man

    I am surprised to find Jeff Kinney in this series. I have read most of his early books and I used to find it funny but I think i have lost interest in the latest few. I find the story has lost its magic and I don't seem to enjoy it as much as before. On the other hand, I still love Big Nate's comic strips and I hope to read about Lincoln Peirce in this series one day.

  • Carol Storm

    Great book for kids . . . a fun biography of Jeff Kinney, the young genius behind the best-selling WIMPY KID series. How did it happen? How did easy-going computer geek Kinney create a new Charlie Brown for our modern age? Few men could be more different from "Peanuts" creator Charles M. "Sparky" Schulz. Schulz grew up in Depression era Minnesota, walking to school in minus thirty degree weather. Foraging for pencils and ink in the town dump. Dancing for pennies outside his father's barber shop. [...]

  • Katie

    It's hard to rate this as it's meant for children, so I guess I would say if I was a 12 year old boy (my son), I would give it 4 stars. This bio has a lot of interesting information on Jeff Kinney's career and family life and it is inspirational in terms of how hard he had to work to become a good cartoonist and to get his work noticed. And it paid off!But I'm knocking a star off (as an adult) because the writing is fairly dull. The good news is that my son didn't notice. :-)

  • Joey Oborne

    Tells a lot about Jeff Kinney and his family and his timeline from child to when he dies (Great Book)!

  • Melenia

    These books are so great!

  • Sherry

    I've now read four of these Who Is/Was books in a row. They are pretty well-written, better than the I Survived Series. As are many books written for 8-12 year olds, they tend to glamorize the person's life and gloss over the troublesome or controversial spots. One thing I've seen in the ones I've just read: Dr. Seuss, Jeff Kinney, Barack Obama, Steven Spielberg. . . they weren't very avid students. They had greater passions to follow than grubbing for points and sucking up to teachers. I think [...]

  • Tevyn Bannerman

    Who was Jeff Kinney was a book told about his life a biography. It had many moments of his life including when he made his first book and what he originally wanted to do. He wanted to be a drawer but instead he made books in the end of the book. Jeff went to college as a drawer for comics so he could become better with his drawing. Jeff had many accomplishes in his life to eventually make famous books.

  • Catherine

    I love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, so I was interested to know a little more about the author, Jeff Kinney. It was interesting to find out that some of the things that happen to Greg Heffley in the Wimpy Kid books actually happened to Jeff Kinney as a child.

  • Kellan Francis

    Jeff Kinney was one of the kids in school who wanted to be an illistrater in college and he did he was so exited but he didn't get anyone interested so he tried harder and did his dream came true to be an illistrater.

  • Mary Thomas

    I love reading biographies about authors because it gives me so much background insight into their lives and helps me appreciate their books more. I liked Wimpy Kid before, but I am even more of a fan now!

  • Jose Galvan

    A fun look at one of America's most popular authors for the schoolyard set and his rise to fame. G rated fun that inspiration for all doodlers, writers and observers of life!

  • Emmet Holt

    This is great for diary of a wimpy kid fans.

  • Agnes Budianto

    This book is definitely recommended because it's really detailed and you have got to be surprised when you see who wrote the book.

  • Miss Sarah

    A sweet biography of the perseverance of author Jeff Kinney author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. loved the factoids and that this was written by his brother. elementary and up

  • Reving


  • Caiden Michael

    Great book. Like books where they talk about there backgrounds and what they were like as a kid. Starting from poverty and coming up to being one one of the greatest book writers ever! Who ever thought that could happen.

  • Leslie

    This is my first time reading a biography from this series and it was quite good. I especially liked reading the impact of his 5th grade teacher on his artwork and writing. I was surprised to read that Jeff Kinney still has a day job - designing computer games for Pearson. Another fun connection was the relationship between Kinney and Lincoln Pierce, author of the BIG NATE series. A delightful read!

  • Abby

    The writing isn't fantastic, but it is so interesting to learn about the author of the famous Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. I loved reading about how Kinney originally wanted his book/books to be geared toward adults, but his publisher changed the intended audience to kids. No wonder I love them so much!

  • Emily T

    It is a very good book for 4th graders. It teaches them about the person who wrote the hit book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. They really get to know the guy jeff kinney. He has an amazing life story. You should totally pick this book up.

  • Ashley Stout

    Another great biography for kids about a student favorite author, Jeff Kinney. Interesting insight into his life and his determination and perseverance to accomplish his dreams.

  • Alex

    This book has lots of detail. Also it was written by his younger brother. : ) I found lots of facts about him.

  • Stacey

    Learned a lot of Jeff Kinney. Great book.

  • Elizabeth

    Cool, little biography about the infamous Jeff Kinney!