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Berserk, Vol. 3
Title : Berserk, Vol. 3
Author :
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ISBN : 9781593070229
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 233

Guts, the feared Black Swordsman, finishes his desperate battle with the monstrous Count, cutting and blasting him to gory scraps when the presence of the Count's daughter makes the monster hesitate. But Guts won't even have the time to clean his gigantic sword when the Count's dying pleas activate the Behelit, summoning the five God Hands, demon lords of immeasurable poweGuts, the feared Black Swordsman, finishes his desperate battle with the monstrous Count, cutting and blasting him to gory scraps when the presence of the Count's daughter makes the monster hesitate. But Guts won't even have the time to clean his gigantic sword when the Count's dying pleas activate the Behelit, summoning the five God Hands, demon lords of immeasurable power. Guts' journey so far has been a long road of pain and death, but that's a walk in the park compared to fighting his way out of Hell itself!

Berserk, Vol. 3 Reviews

  • Emma

    I can't believe I even remember what this is about. It took so long to keep a copy of volume three from my library. I reserved it as an interlibrary loan, then it was, 'in transit' for 47 years which is code for, 'arrived at the library so we just put it on a shelf instead of logging it in as a hold for you and notifying you it was here.'This is why we can't have nice things. Because my super well stocked, awesome library system that I use for exactly zero dollars sometimes isn't perfect. The ag [...]

  • L. McCoy

    Man, every time I pick up a volume I think to myself “can this series get more disturbing?” The answer is yes but it also keeps getting better.What’s it about?Oh boy, I am not going into that for two reasons. It’s hard to explain and it’s one of those times where readers who read the previous volume know and readers who haven’t read it get a great book spoiled so yeah…Why it gets 5 stars:The story is freaking amazing and is building a lot more!The art is so good in every volume! I [...]

  • Carmine

    Il fraintendimento del maleFin da piccoli combattiamo per il bene, rifuggiamo la violenza e crediamo in una fantomatica forza interiore capace di cambiare il mondo.Abbiamo sempre immaginato il male nella chiarezza dei suoi moventi, nell'ovvio ribaltamento dei valori.E se bene e male fossero due facce della stessa medaglia di un miraggio chiamato sorte, eterno percorso in cui la volontà stessa si tramuta in esercizio di un bene personale che si riflette in male da altre prospettive?L'esistenza d [...]

  • Scott (GrilledCheeseSamurai)

    *Plops down a five star for this meaty bugger.*There was so many time with this volume where I would turn the page and just stop and stare.That artwork, though, hey? LOVE it.Guts finishes shit off with the Count and is immediately beset upon by the Godhand. Five bad-ass mofos that you really don't want in your life.Seriously, though, this volume gets five stars straight up just for those gnarly pictures. The words, helpful as they are, are secondary. Just keep givin' me dem fancy pictures!

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    Berserk, Vol. 3 (Berserk #3), Kentaro Miura

  • José

    ¿Qué habrá pasado entre Griffith y Guts? :O Este manga es bastante adictivo, cada volumen termina con tremendos cliffhangers xD

  • Clark Coston

    I have to be honest, I stopped reading somewhere in the middle of the volume and just started skimming to the end. After a sampling of three (or two and a half) volumes, thus far Berserk seems to be a sort of pseudo-Lovecraftian horror if it were directed by Michael Bay with monster art done by an H.R. Giger wannabe.After three volumes, there isn't much for me to latch onto here. There is nothing for me to care about. I don't care about the characters, I don't care about the plot, and the story [...]

  • [Name Redacted]

    This volume: "The Black Company" meets "Hellraiser"

  • Hassan


  • Karissa

    This the 3rd volume in the Berserk series and wraps up the storyline started in the 1st and 2nd books. It is very well done and, as with the other volumes, full of incredible action and violence.In this book Guts finally defeats the monstrous Count only to have the Count activate the Behelit and send them all (the Count, his daughter, and Guts) to a different realm where the five God Hands rule over a hell like world. Here we find out that Guts has some sort of history with the God Hands and is [...]

  • Feather Mista

    Este tomo tiene todoas las cosas buenas que tenían los dos primeros y más, si no le pongo 4 estrellitas es porque al lado del tomo siguiente, queda chico. La conclusión de "Ángel de la Guarda" es tremenda y sirve para tirar un par de puntas para historias futuras: la rivalidad/amistad entre Gatsu y Griffith y la historia de su potencial futura enemiga: Teresia. Además, es la primera vez que se ve un atisbo de sentimientos en el "héroe", y eso sirve para tridimensionarlo un poco. De todos m [...]

  • Nara

    Cada volumen me gusta más.

  • C. Varn

    So much happens here: The end of "the Guardians of Desire" arc, the introduction of the God's hand, the introduction of Griffith, the beginning of the Golden Age arc and the humanization of Guts as a character. There is every beginning to be more art consistency and more consistency in the character reactions both to Guts and around Guts. Kentaro Miura really starts to shine in the Gold Age arc art work, the light allowing some of his attention to deal to see more fully developed. This is great [...]

  • Diana Lynn

    Here we go took me 3 volumes and I love it. Some character development and such a bizarre world bump this up to 5 stars for me. It's soooo fucked up too. I just need to know Guts's story! And whoever this Griffin guy isI have a feeling we're gonna see him often. On to the next.

  • Ella

    that cliffhanger

  • Devin (Mostly Manga)

    The character designs in this manga are AMAZING. This series is going to be one awesome ride.

  • Mari

    I started reading this and I can't stop. Guts GUTS. And I'm talking about the main character, not the well, guts. Help

  • Jon

    I decided to read this series after having randomly watched (and been incredibly impressed by) the three Berserk: The Golden Age feature films on Netflix which comprise just a small portion of the Berserk series, which has been running since 1989 and currently stretches to a massive 39 volumes.Unfortunately the first two efforts were pretty disappointing aside from some intriguing themes.This is the first in which I've noticed a stark bump in quality, mostly in fleshing out the main character of [...]

  • Miguel

    With the conclusion of the Black Swordsman arc, we get a preview of the stakes of Guts's lonely sojourn. We meet his arch nemesis, Griffith, and encounter the familiar trope of the resentful child pledging revenge on behalf of the parent. This was most memorable for me in Kill Bill, when Vernita Green's daughter pledges to kill The Bride after their spectacular cereal box showdown in a Pasadena kitchen. But just as Kill Bill: Volume 3 never came to fruition, I wonder if the seeds planted in Ther [...]

  • Monika Spancheska

    This was so far the best of the volumes. We end the story of Vargas and the Count, and we finally get to see Gatts' backstory. Like absolutely everything in this series, it's incredibly creepy and brutal and reading this before I go to bed was a terrible idea. Now I've seen the anime, so the scenes in hell were doubly horrifying for me because I know what's coming and I can't say I'm looking forward to it. However, it's a long time until then, and at least for now, I enjoy spending time with Gat [...]

  • Ruben

    En este tomo nos relatan que nuestro protagonista Gust tiene un encuentro con la mano de dios después de haber estado una dura batalla, esta entrega es muy interesante ya que también nos da un pequeño vistazo a la vida de Gust cuando es joven, sobre todo destaco ese choque con la mano de dios que es muy impresionante, al ver a estos seres me recordó a los Cenobitas de la película/libro de Clive Barker Hellraiser. Regresando a Berserk, cierra de forma magnifica la historia planteada en los d [...]

  • Yanty Chen

    First warning : Berserk is not for the faint hearted! *I used to be,but curiosity just got my bestrry for the bad English*Vol 3 of Berserk by Kentaro Miura in my opinion is the best volume,no let me rephrase it : the story of Count and his last struggle before get sucked to the Vortex of Souls is the best story in Black Swordsman Arc.Beautifully drawn with details in each pages *yeah,you're really perfectionist until now,but what should we do with your randomly never ending hiatus,Miura?*,Berser [...]

  • Katy

    This is the first REALLY good volume of Berserk, though it certainly isn't the last. The series' main arc drops in to say hello, and we get a small chunk of Guts' backstory. The art is intense, as always, and the story is very compelling, but there's just so much emotion in this volume. The Guardians of Desire storyline is heartbreaking, especially its conclusion, and Guts' childhood is similarly tragic. Basically, if you finish this volume and the series hasn't grabbed you yet, you should give [...]

  • Milie_Baker

    Après avoir tant parlé des God Hand ils apparaissent enfin et ils sont monstrueux !Malheureusement, même s'il se passe beaucoup de chose durant ce 3ème tome, nous n'en apprenons pas beaucoup plus, juste quelques détails qui vont être creusés plus tard je suppose.Mais cette série, bien que macabre, prend aux tripes et à la fin lors d'un passage qui montre un Guts vulnérable, les larmes me sont montées aux yeux directement, le dessin tellement bien réalisé nous fait ressentir toutes s [...]

  • Savina Tsataros

    Volume 3 was amazing, I'm super interested in Gut's upbringing, although it's really sad, I'm interested in learning about him. The defeat of the Count was impressive, the consciousness of hell and the Godhand is something I'm really looking forward to understanding more about, as well as the God with a goat head. I'm really loving this series, it's so dark and fantastical, beyond anything I've ever fathomed, it's absolute triumph, I love this series !

  • Ella

    Another stellar volume from Miura and the art only gets better. This phallic slaughterama is something that genuinely makes you stop and stare at the page despite the madness.My reviews will be short, and if anyone cares, I added the first few volumes right away as I wasn't sure exactly where I was. I will be keeping tabs on this in the future.

  • Alejandro Valenzuela

    La historia de Guts es una de las más bastas y complejas que he tenido la oportunidad de leer. Es simplemente brutal ver todo lo que pasa con el personaje y que a pesar de esto y todo, el tipo no se detiene, no se deja caer, no lo pueden vencer. Es, indiscutiblemente, un Berseker, pero no solamente como un guerrero, sino como hombre y persona.

  • ArdnAskelA

    Ah ça y ait ! Nous commençons enfin par avoir davantage d'informations sur l'histoire de cette série. J'ai bien aimé le début de ce retour en arrière (throwback, yay) dans la vie du très mystérieux Guts. Et ces "God Hands", qu'est-ce qu'ils sont classes! Mais sérieux vous avez vu leur style ? J'adore, pas vous?

  • Peter Barr

    Berserk, Vol.3 is the continuation of the story of the Black Swordsman. He is an unsympathetic character in an unsympathetic world. He continues his fight from the last book. The book also begins to look at his beginning.So far it is interesting.

  • Lateef Amodu

    This volume continues with the battle between Guts and the Count. There’s a phenomenon that occurs, which makes this volume a very exciting read. It also makes this manga ever more intriguing. Also, the final chapter starts with Guts’ origin story. The artwork is amazing as usual.