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Vertigo Quarterly CMYK
Title : Vertigo Quarterly CMYK
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781401253363
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 296

[C]yan. [M]agenta. [Y]ellow. Blac[K].From these basic building blocks, the entire spectrum of comic book coloring is formed. Now the medium is returning the favor.Building on the innovative tradition that has made it one of comics’ most cutting-edge imprints, Vertigo is proud to present CMYK — a bold new anthology of original stories from dozens of the art form’s greatest[C]yan. [M]agenta. [Y]ellow. Blac[K].From these basic building blocks, the entire spectrum of comic book coloring is formed. Now the medium is returning the favor.Building on the innovative tradition that has made it one of comics’ most cutting-edge imprints, Vertigo is proud to present CMYK — a bold new anthology of original stories from dozens of the art form’s greatest creators. The short graphic fiction collected here all originates with the four process colors of comics printing, but where they go from there is as unbounded as imagination itself.In these pages, the glacial glow of cyan bathes alien worlds and wintry city streets; the vivid splash of magenta highlights the hair of outcasts and the evil of demons; the bright light of yellow shines on old worlds ending and new lives beginning; and the enveloping void of black offers both despair and liberation.The stunning stories and breathtaking visions of CMYK will forever color your perception of what comics can do!Featuring work by Gene Luen Yang, Jeff Lemire, Gerard Way, Amy Chu, Jock, Fabio Moon, Francesco Francavilla, Bill Sienkiewicz and many more!Collecting: Vertigo Quarterly: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & Black

Vertigo Quarterly CMYK Reviews

  • Sam Quixote

    CMYK stands for (C)yan, (M)agenta, (Y)ellow and Blac(K), the four colours that were the basic building blocks of comic book colouring. This anthology of original short comics from Vertigo showcases the range of comics stories from established creators and new talents across its four colour-themed sections. I’d hoped this book would be a step towards Vertigo reclaiming its indie comics crown that it lost years ago to Image. Maybe with the focus on new talent Vertigo are making a connection betw [...]

  • F

    Loved this. Was so different.If anyone can recommend me something similar to this with different stories in one that would be really appreciated.

  • Steve

    I received this from Edelweiss and DC Comics/Vertigo in exchange for an honest review. Review will be posted after the review embargo is lifted on July 27th.

  • Paul Mirek

    5 stars for the concept, execution, and range, which while anything but flawless, is many times more exciting than the latest tie-in to the event of the month. Anthologies will always have their highs and lows, which is probably why the industry is so hesitant to take a gamble on them, but for those interested in seeing stories and topics that are rarely handled with subtlety (if at all), this is your chance. From the uneasy bond between sisters in the wake of a grandparent's death to the minuti [...]

  • Secret Stacks

    This comic was discussed on Secret Stacks Episode 5.This book/series was also discussed on our guest episode of Circulating Ideas: Best Graphic Novels of 2015

  • Emily

    As typical with all anthologies there are amazing pieces and some that fall short. That said, I loved the theme for this one and the works by Fabio Moon (the reason I picked up the book I the first place ).

  • Bill Williams

    The problem with anthologies is that the tone can wander, leading to a jumble of stories with no common thread. CMYK is like that and the big time comic creators that contribute stories to the collection cannot save it from the problems inherent in the format.

  • Skjam!

    Disclaimer: I received this volume from a giveaway for the purpose of writing this review. No other compensation was offered or requested.I don’t talk a lot about colorists. In most comics, they’re not noticed unless they really screw up, or there’s a particularly striking image. But they are an essential part of the color comics creation process. It’s the colorist who makes sure that the characters have the same color clothing and hair from panel to panel and page to page. The colorist [...]

  • Umbreen

    I received an electronic copy of this anthology through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.To begin with, let me describe the stories. Each story had it's own sense of otherworldliness, though he manifestation of this otherworldliness came in many forms. Many of the stories discussed very real issues in a very real way, through the lens of fantasy/fiction. It brought the fantasy elements to the real world, and each of the stories made you consider something altogether new or think about [...]

  • Stewart Tame

    CMYK relates to the four-color printing process; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK (avoids its abbreviation being mistaken for blue or brown or something.) The idea was, apparently, that literally anything goes, though it appears that stories had to relate, at least loosely, to the color of the anthology in which they appeared. Of course, this is a very Vertigo version of creative freedom, so many stories still follow traditional genre lines. My reaction to many of the first few stories was along the [...]

  • Christoph

    Der Sammelband umfasst die im Verlag DC Vertigo im Jahr 2014 quartalsweise erschienenen Hefte Cyan, Magenta, Yellow und Black. Die Aufgabe an verschiedene Autoren und Zeichner war zu den einzelnen Farben passende Geschichten beizutragen.Eines gleich vorweg - die Aufgabe wurde nicht immer geschafft, in Wahrheit sogar in nur wenigen Geschichten, zumindest erging es mir so. Vielleicht habe ich aber auch die Verbindung zu "Farben" nicht erkannt, vielleicht waren diese auch nur zu subtil vorhanden. D [...]

  • Scott

    Well I've been out of the comic book collection for over 20 plus years, so I'm not familiar with all the newer artists/writers/etc. the best way to sum this up is that's it's like an appetizer of various person and giving them their 15 minutes to express themselves. Some stories I could of read an entire graphic novel about the subject. Very few of them was ones that I was on the "take it or leave it" fence. And a good third of the stories where ones that could of been omitted. So if you want 21 [...]

  • Matt Hunt

    When I found this in the comic shop I was really interested and a bit excited. I'd never seen a short story collection in graphic novel form before. Reading it has been both exhilarating and disappointing, as the stories and art are a real mix. They range from incredibly poignant to depressingly shit. Read it for the few gems, but you will have to wade through a fair bit of crap and mediocrity.In particular i found the story 'Black Death in America' very moving and thoughtful. You can read it on [...]

  • Jessica

    Be warned, this is intended for a mature audience.This is a collection of short graphic novels. These are dark and twisted stories. An artist who paints with human blood, murder, aliens and drugs, and more. There is bloody scenes, wicked graphics, and great dialog in these. I enjoyed over 85% of the stories in this. I definitely found a couple of authors, illustrators, and characters to follow.

  • Kate

    I got this book as a First Reads Giveaway.I've never read comics before, but let me tell you, a lot of my friends were jealous I had this book on my bookshelf!I really enjoyed most of the stories and some of them I wished were a whole book because they were just that good in a matter of 3-5 pages.

  • Ruth Mcauley

    An excellent collection of short stories contained in this graphic novel anthology - really varied. Loads of different artists, genre's and styles. I loved it. Some stories stuck with me more than others, but all were interesting.

  • Connor

    Pretty good anthology of comics. Some of the comics were a bit too short; they left me wanting more. A lot of them were interesting. Good artwork. I like the idea of splitting it up by the different colors, but I felt like some of it was arbitrary and the comics didn't follow the theme.

  • Thomas Maluck

    If Vertigo losing creators to Image leads to regular anthologies like this, then I say good riddance and everyone should go buy this so we get more fresh, brilliant, experimental artists and writers!

  • Joshua

    A great collection of short stories. This is everything I wanted out of a short story collection. Some played with the CMYK color theme more than others, but over all its a wonderful collection with a great variety of art, writing, and a good variety of genres.

  • Kristy

    I was a First Reads giveaway winner for this book.It was a wonderful collections of so many different types of styles and stories. Several of the stories left me wishing there was more. The CMYK idea for an anthology was great. I hope there are more to come in the future like this from Image

  • Molly

    One of the better comic anthologies I'e read in recent years. All of Fabio Moon's selections are wonderful. The stories start off a bit slow, but the Y & K sections are both quite strong.