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The Redemption
Title : The Redemption
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Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 318

Alt cover can be found here2006 Christy Award Nominee! The Redemption is a rousing pirate adventure filled with sea battles, chases, arrests, and betrayal. Tyndall expertly interweaves history with fiction to create a spellbinding tale any lover of pirate romance will enjoy. Cindy Vallar – Editor Pirates and Privateers Charlisse Bristol sets off on a voyage in search of aAlt cover can be found here2006 Christy Award Nominee! The Redemption is a rousing pirate adventure filled with sea battles, chases, arrests, and betrayal. Tyndall expertly interweaves history with fiction to create a spellbinding tale any lover of pirate romance will enjoy. Cindy Vallar – Editor Pirates and Privateers Charlisse Bristol sets off on a voyage in search of a father she never knew, only to become shipwrecked on an island. She longs for a father’s love to fill the emptiness in her soul from an abusive childhood, but resigns herself to a lonely death of starvation. Her salvation comes in the form of a band of pirates and their fierce, enigmatic leader, Captain Merrick. The last thing Merrick expected to find in the middle of the Caribbean was a beautiful maiden. Now he is burdened with the task of not only protecting her from his crew, but from himself. A recent convert to Christianity, Merrick is haunted by a sordid past while he struggles to become a better man and accepts a mission from God to hunt down the most vicious pirates on the Caribbean. Charlisse can make no sense of Captain Merrick. A pirate who prays and drinks rum? Breaking her vow to never trust any man, she finds herself falling for the pirate/priest, who more than once risks his life to save her. When she confides in him her quest to find her father, Merrick agrees to help. What he doesn’t realize is Charlisse’s father is the ruthless Edward the Terror, the one man Merrick has vowed to hunt down and kill. Evil forces are at work against Charlisse and Merrick: enemies, battles, imprisonment, jealousy, and betrayal, all threaten to destroy not only their new found romance but their very lives. It will take a miracle—or several—for either of them to survive. M. L. Tyndall has written a fascinating story that rivals Pirates of the Caribbean, and Captain Merrick is giving Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) a run for his money, too! I highly recommend this well-written, high-seas novel that dares anyone to label it as merely just another romance. Sherri Myers, Romance Junkies

The Redemption Reviews

  • Anne

    A great pirate time travel. Really good characters and a exciting story the only thing that was distracting from the story was an awful lot of religion and bible quoting.

  • Tweety

    This was a mixed bag for me. I hardly know what to think.How many Christian Fiction book feature a pirate as the hero? Okay, so he is a Christian Pirate, but he still does Piracy even if it's for the government and his sailors are all vagabonds. That left me not quite sure how to take the hero. This entire book has only three good men, The Revrend, The Pirate Captain Merrick and his second mate. The rest are drunkards, womanizers and murderers. Oh, and thieves.Charisse, doesn't believe in God, o [...]

  • Michelle Griep

    Whewie. Is it hot in here? Is my hair on fire? Pirate Captain Merrick is DA MAN! Oh yeah. This is one hero who totally pillage my heart. Next to Vikings, pirates are my favorite barbarians in the world.Okay, enough gushing. This is a story about a girl who gets shipwrecked, stranded on an island, and rescued by reformed pirates all while on her way to reunite with her long lost father. Captain Merrick is the strapping fella who rescued her off the island and guess who his number one enemy is. Ye [...]

  • Kara

    *am re reading print edition with this cover, May 2015other FIVE stars, such a great book!*This book is a page turner and difficult to put down once started. The action is nonstop, but not graphic. I'm not a fan of pirates, but this book is written in such a way that if you're seeking a good adventure and you understand faith then you'll still enjoy it. For anyone who knows what it means to struggle as a Christian yet you still press on, this is a book that really illustrates that point. Forgive [...]

  • Kristen Kooistra

    This book had some good qualities, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Lots of people love this story, and I’m clearly in the minority so I suffered a period of “did we read the same book?” or wondering if I was just off when I read it. But overall I settled on this just isn’t my thing. I’ve never read a Christian pirate book, so it was a new venture for me.Tyndall writes beautifully with vivid descriptions and vibrant characters. Everything played out like a movie in the mind when I r [...]

  • Jerry

    Interesting historical fiction, with a strong and likable heroine.

  • Rachel Peters

    This was a fantastic, must read book. It was my first introduction to MaryLu Tyndall. I bought the book with a gift card to Borders (now out of business, unfortunately). It was at the very top of the shelf, but somehow (divinely inspired), it found its way into my hands. Charlisse is now my favorite heroine (my other favorite being Hadassah in Francine Rivers' "The Mark of the Lion" trilogy). Charlisse is abused and neglected by her uncle in London. She flees him in search of the father she neve [...]

  • Katie W

    I've had this book on my radar for awhile and finally got around to reading it. What was I waiting for?!?! I love the way Ms. Tyndall weaves a romantic, suspenseful pirate story. Why are pirates so intriguing? They're really evil, dirty men, but there's just something about a dashing, dangerous, romantic pirate I actually could picture the story as it unfolded--much like I was watching a movie. I loved the Christian theme running through it too--not too preachy, just the right amount.Lady Charli [...]

  • Carrie Pagels

    One of the reasons that I bought my Kindle was so that I could read MaryLu Tyndall's books! This was her debut novel, as I understand it, and the freelance editor who was helping me with my manuscript, Susan Lohrer, had worked with MaryLu on this book. So I was anxious to read it, knowing that history on it.This was a tension filled book right from the get go and didn't let up until the end. Lots of layers of plots and subplots and excellent characterization. The heroine had to go through a lot [...]

  • Callie

    I have to say this was a little/a lot hard to read. There was a good storyline but it was very religous in your face. I have no problem with the religion factor, Its nice to see that people still have that out there but it felt a little too preachy and a little too forced. There is a way to get that point across with out it being shoved down your throat. It was a quick read and entertaining but there were parts and pages that I just had to skip over to keep reading.

  • Amanda

    MaryLu Tyndall is one of the finest writers in Christian fiction and “The Redemption” is just another testament to that fact. Her descriptions will leave you breathless as she brings her unforgettable characters and their exotic surroundings to life with a vivid clarity that is uniquely her own. Lady Charlisse Bristol is a young, innocent, beauty that has faced a lot of pain in her life and seems destined to face more. The death of her mother has left her at the mercy of her tyrannical uncle [...]

  • Anna

    Alone in the world, with no one who will help her, Charlisse Bristol sets out alone on a ship to America to try and find her father, who disappeared when she was little. But when a storm wrecks the ship and she finds herself alone on an island in the Caribbean, she finds herself in way over her head. Captain Edmund Merrick has a backstory. A big one. Son of a nobleman turned pirate, turned Christian, turned privateer. And that is just the start. After committing his life to Christ, Merrick has f [...]

  • Janelle

    Another swashbuckling romantic adventure by MaryLu Tyndall that made me gasp, smile and be glad I found this good read. One can never be disappointed with her stories and the wonderful messages that they contain.The The Redemption is about Charlisse Bristol, a young English lady who escapes the tortuous hands of her minister uncle in London to head to Jamaica to find the father she never knew. Her mother had died when Charlisse was eight years old but Charlisse clung to the stories her mother ha [...]

  • Salyna

    This was a great book, I regret taking so long to read it. You know how you may start reading a book, but then NEVER have time to read it, so when you actually sit down to enjoy your book because it's been so long since you last picked it up, you sorda lose focus? I cannot be the only one that that happens to. I was entertained while reading this but I KNEW I would have loved it so much more if I read it faster. Some people say that they like to read a book slow so they can savor the story, kind [...]

  • Tracy

    The very first book written by MaryLu Tyndall, "The Redemption", has truly been an on edge must know what is going to happen next in this novel. Just when I think in a few areas that things are about settled, some other suspense action comes up, and has me eagerly reading to see how the events will turn out. Read about how Lady Charlisse Bristol runs away from where she was brought up, by going on a voyage in search of her father whom she never knew, but heard so many wonderful stories from her [...]

  • Debora Wilder

    This is a fabulous Christian historical romance.Lady Charlisse Bristol sets off on a voyage to find her father whom she never knew. Instead she finds herself shipwrecked on a deserted island in the Caribbean. After weeks, stranded by herself, she finds that her salvation comes in the form of a band of pirates. Their leader is fiercely handsome, Edmund Merrick. He is busy learning to walk a more godly path while still leading his crew. He now has added the task of shielding Charlisse from his lec [...]

  • Maree Repa

    I enjoyed this marvellous and most exciting book. Full of Pirates, sword fighting and adventure on the sea. When Charlisse Bristol set sail looking for her father after her mother had passed she was really looking a piece of her past. Then meeting Captain Edmund Merrick although scared she realised her could help her.Such a magnificent journey for then both. Lots of up and downs, but with his love and caring for her she never could ever feel alone.I enjoyed this book so much. It had a great sens [...]

  • Mary Wolff

    Exciting book, cover to cover!

  • Cindy

    This was a great pirate story and actually there are 3 books in the series. Great story of love, loss, mystery and adventure! A must read!

  • Jennifer Pritchard

    Loved the story and loved, loved the romance!

  • Lisa

    This book was so wonderful! I enjoyed the characters and the storyline. Love Pirate books!

  • Laura

    A little preachy, but a good story.

  • Jenna Van Mourik

    WOAH! This book was quite possibly my most favorite surprise of 2017. After having gotten engaged in the fall of 2016, and married in the summer of 2017, I found myself in one of the worst reading-slumps I'd ever been in. I've always been a fan of Christian fiction and historical fiction. My favorite stories usually involve the sea, I love, love, LOVE nautical adventures. In fact, my favorite film to watch for fun is Pirates of the Caribbean (I've never been a Star Wars gal). Well anyways, I nev [...]

  • Peggy Purser Freeman

    A Great Story just like Yours and Mine - Only Pirates I actually read this MaryLu Tyndall book only because it isn't out on audio. Having listened to each of her other books, I longed to know the beginning of the story of these wonderful Christian Pirates. It amazing me that MaryLu Tyndall can take a Character that most of the world cannot imagine, a Christian Pirate, from another location and hundreds of years before my time and give him/ her the same problems I face each day. Faith laced into [...]

  • Abigail

    Oh man was this book good! I highly recommed this book to people who like adventure and romance. There are a few things mentioned that I would recommed no less then 14 to read but other then that this is an amazing book. This book made me laugh at some parts because it was like bad boy turned good godly man, while the girl was a good girl turned bad girl turned good girl at the end. I really have never gotten into pirate themed books but now I am going to finsh this series and hopefully more boo [...]

  • Melissa

    The writing is not terrible and it began interestingly enough, but I just could not take it after a while and DNF at about 60%. I didn't particularly care for the characters; the heroine is helpless and whiny and sometimes pretty stupid. I like Christian romances (some of them), but I felt the religious experiences some of the characters had were over the top and they experienced unbelievable changes of heart or sudden faith that did not feel realistic. Maybe that's just me, I don't know.

  • Susan

    I read this awhile ago. I did enjoy it and read other books in the series.

  • Windi

    Entertaining and quite fun. If a bit predictable, "Redemption" had enough twists and adventure to keep this reader engaged. May look into the next book of the series.

  • Nwamaka Ossai

    Was interesting but some racist undertones

  • Ruth

    Lady Charlisse leaves London and the only life she's ever known in search of the father's love she has never possessed. Raised and abused by a licentious uncle, Charlisse bears deep physical and emotional scars that leave her wary of trusting men and the God her uncle claimed to serve. En route to Port Royal, the ship she bartered passage on sinks in a violent storm and Charlisse is left shipwrecked and struggling for survival on a deserted island. Near death, she is discovered by a band of pira [...]