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Title : Handel
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ISBN : 9780500274989
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 312

A look back at the original Handel, providing a portrait of his life and music that blends the evidence from documents of all kinds with biographical observation. It contains a chronological table and traces the Handel legend down to our own time.

Handel Reviews

  • E.A. Bucchianeri

    For anyone who is generally interested in Handel, or commencing music studies of the late Baroque period, this book is for you. An accessible treasure trove of information, Hogwood takes the reader on an fascinating trip through time, exploring Handel's childhood and early years in Germany, his prodigious development in music, his Grand Tours through Italy, the Opera and Oratorio years in England, and his musical legacy after his death. Packed full of photographs, snippets of interesting quotati [...]

  • Jonathan

    Dry, dry, dry. However, it seemed EXTREMELY well researched. If you're writing a paper or need historical information on the man whatsoever, start here. I highly doubt you'll need any other sources than those listed in the bibliography. I did not enjoy the book but it gets three stars for researched content and coherence.

  • Shelley Alongi

    In my former music major opinion, this is an excellent resource for beginning when his research if interested in handling his work. The only thing that really surprised me in this book was that the Nazis wanted to rewrite of the text of Messiah. But I shouldn't be surprised but I thought that was a very interesting piece of information to put into this book. I consulted the bibliography for additional reading since I am fascinated by the oratorio itself. It is a great place to start. I recommend [...]

  • Rui

    Uma biografia muito interessante e detalhada sobretudo no que se refere à carreira do compositor. Dá algum destaque à sobrevivência da obra de Handel após a sua morte, bem como à recepção das suas obras no Século XX, a redescoberta, as encenações das suas operas e oratórios e a sua publicação em suporte digital.

  • Nat Shirman

    (auf deutsch gelesen)

  • Monica

    I registered a book at BookCrossing!BookCrossing/journal/14820141