Good Talk, Dad: The Birds and the Bees...and Other Conversations We Forgot to Have by Bill Geist Willie Geist Online

Good Talk, Dad: The Birds and the Bees...and Other Conversations We Forgot to Have
Title : Good Talk, Dad: The Birds and the Bees...and Other Conversations We Forgot to Have
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ISBN : 9781455547203
Language : English
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 272

From popular TV hosts and bestselling authors Bill and Willie Geist, a hilarious testament to the special nature of father-son relationships.In GOOD TALK, DAD, this talented father-son team shares stories of their funny and heartwarming relationship. Told in a unique back-and-forth banter style, this extended conversation riffs on everything from music and sports to summerFrom popular TV hosts and bestselling authors Bill and Willie Geist, a hilarious testament to the special nature of father-son relationships.In GOOD TALK, DAD, this talented father-son team shares stories of their funny and heartwarming relationship. Told in a unique back-and-forth banter style, this extended conversation riffs on everything from music and sports to summer camp, driving lessons, and family life. Imagine Big Russ & Me meets Sh*t My Dad Says. After Bill went public with his struggle with Parkinsons disease, the Geists decided to collaborate on this book so their children and grandchildren would have a record of their unique bond. Now that Willie is a father (and Bill a grandfather), Willie has continued Bill's child-rearing traditions in the hopes of carrying on the riotous Geistian parenting legacy. The result is delightfully entertaining, wildly funny, and poignant as well.

Good Talk, Dad: The Birds and the Bees...and Other Conversations We Forgot to Have Reviews

  • jaxnsmom

    I really enjoyed reading this book and one day I would like to listen to the authors narrating it. It's an entertaining look at the relationship between the father and son, with each providing their viewpoint on issues they never discussed, and on various family events. Reading about Willie's childhood, you feel like it had to be the best childhood experience ever, or were grateful you didn't grow up anywhere near these people. The banter between these two men is evidence of their close relation [...]

  • Debbie

    For years, I have enjoyed Bill Geist because of his wonderful, warm, and light-hearted contributions to CBS Sunday Morning. This book is a continutation of that style and it is obvious that the apple does not fall far from the tree when you hear Willie Geist share his side of the story.This was a fun read (or listen) and had many laugh out loud momentscially Bill's conversation about the Rolling Stones in about Chapter 10.Enjoy!!!

  • Lisa B.

    Very nicely done.

  • Diane

    Bill Geist has been doing pieces for CBS Sunday Morning for years. He usually profiles interesting (quirky) people and places, and his sense of humor makes me smile. His son Willie Geist is currently one of the co-hosts on the third hour of the Today Show, and is featured on MSNBC's Morning Joe. He clearly inherited his father's sense of humor.Just in time for Father's Day, they have written a book that I dare say most of us can relate to: Good Talk Dad: The Birds and The BeesAnd Other Conversat [...]

  • Andie

    I love Bill Geist's human interest features on "CBS Sunday Morning" where he reports on quirky and sometimes totally bizarre slices of American life from the Santa Claus University to the convention of antique toaster collectors. And I also see Willie Geist almost every morning as I watch "Morning Joe" on MSNBC and read the morning papers. Yet somehow I never made the connection that they were father and son (yes I know, I'm a little slow on the uptake). This breezy little read is their collabor [...]

  • Nancyann

    I wanted to love this book since I enjoy all of Bill Geist's work. It is worth the read but not a great book. The described family dynamics were entertaining to a point but I found myself disliking son Willie. Casual and what are meant to be funny references to his adolescent rule breaking, run ins with the law (that father Bill always gets him out of), and excessive drinking got old. We learn in an amusing way that while Bill worked hard to earn his success, son Willie sort of fell into it. The [...]

  • Karen

    Laugh out loud funny! The famous (?) father and son duo, Bill and Willie Geist, recall numerous tales of Willie 's childhood: sports, teen and pre-teen antics, family gatherings and outings, and of course the talks that never really happened. Though my own childhood and experiences raising my own children pale in comparison, I found some things to directly relate to. But mostly I simply enjoyed the pleasure of the Geist family stories. If you have a daily commute or are anticipating a car trip, [...]

  • Linda

    I have long enjoyed Bill Geist and his sense of humor through his pieces on CBS. His son, Willie is now a regular on NBC's Today Show. I was excited to see this book available in audio, each author narrating his own part.The premise of the book is having the talks that father and son should have had. They didn't. Until now. There are many good chuckle moments, but mostly there's a lot of reminiscing, maybe even some revealing individual secrets. Mostly there is evidence of a lot of love and mutu [...]

  • Tiffany

    I really haven't seen the Geists on tv, but I thought the premise of father/son essays to each other and about growing up was interesting. Turns out to be some really humorous, precious stories about a family that really loves each other. The second half of the book really clinched it. Laugh out loud funny at times. Good read.

  • Prairiesue

    Father and son news reporters describe their take on life from their own perspectives. Subjects include fatherhood, music, sports, holidays, summer camp, and the memories of family life. Sometimes entertaining, other times rather boring.

  • Elizabeth

    3.5 stars

  • Beth Smith

    We listened to this on audio. It was great. Listening to Bill and Willie tell family stories. I had watched Bill Geist for years on Sunday Morning. He always found the most obscure places and interesting people. When I learned that Willie, part-time NBC reporter guy, was his son, I had to like him too. Besides, he had a little of his dad's sense of humor. The book wasn't a let down in anyway. I laughed. I laughed out loud at times. Sure, there were melancholy moments like their discussions about [...]

  • Rachel

    Hilarious audiobook! I enjoyed the back and forth story telling and true assessment of their family dynamics.

  • Tina Stillabower

    Interesting short stories, but not enough to make it one of those books I couldn't put down.

  • Robert Thacker

    Memoir from the viewpoint of son and father. Great, true stories, some poignant, some silly, all funny.

  • Elvia

    I loved this book!

  • Nicole Brown

    This book can be read by sons, daughters, or fathers. It is wrtten by CBS correspondent and CBS Sudday Morning Show contributor BIll Geist as well as his son, Willie Geist, the co-host of the Today Show as well as Morning Joe. The stories are mostly hilarious, but a few are serious and heart-wrenching. A really great readcolewbrown/2014I’ve never understood why fishing has to be at dawn. Basketball, football, baseball—no other sports start at such a painful hour. It may be the fault of the f [...]

  • Susie

    It would be hard to count how many times I laughed while reading this book. It's very interesting to note the contrast in reviews between those more familiar with Bill (ie. older) and Willie (ie. younger). I wished at times that it had been a little more linear (I think that's just my chronological craving), but it covered so much territory. I think one of my favorite stories was about Willie and his mom trying to get the old red jeep down to Vanderbilt in a snowstorm. It's a miracle they made i [...]

  • Bill

    Unfamiliar/Unaware of Bill Geist and his career as a tele-journalist, but more familiar with Willie since his addition to The Today Show. While at first, I wasn't a fan of Willie, I have come to appreciate his presence and personality.I learned of this book when the two Geist men appeared on The Today Show to promote its release. From the brief insights they shared, it seemed it would be an amusing read, and it most certainly is that.It begins in a more conversational, back-and-forth, sort of po [...]

  • Mediaman

    This is supposed to be a back-and-forth between a father and son, and covers some very mature topics. It is written in the ironic joking style that Bill Geist is known for, and for some of the book that works. But there are sections where it seems inappropriate. Underage teen drinking, in particular, is nothing to joke about without a strong anti-drinking message. Here they treat it like a right and both act like it's no big deal. The dad not only thinks it's okay, but he allowed it openly in hi [...]

  • Arthur Goldgaber

    I think this book will appeal most to fans of Bill Geist, who always had wonderful little, humorous features on the CBS Sunday Morning Show. Features like frog jumping contests or a convention of vacuum cleaners--he seems to really like funny takes on appliances. I am 51 and I remember watching him for many years throughout the '80s and '90s. He is now suffering from Parkinson's and is not on the show that often.His son, Willie, is now a television anchor or reporter. He is on the Today show and [...]

  • Mari

    Love, love, love this book! It was sweet, funny, sincere. If you need a laugh out loud read this is it.

  • Pam Fairchild

    This book was a gift from Willie Geist after I replied to a Tweet inquiring about fathers. I have been a long time fan of Bill Geist watching him on CBS Sunday Morning but I never realized that the guy (Willie) I watched on Morning Joe & Way Too Early was his son until I received the book. Call it a long senior moment. I became a fan of Willie's a few years ago. This book is an honest & open discussion of their lives together and a great look into the youth of two very funny guys. I thin [...]

  • Dale

    Published in 2014 by Grand Central Publishing.Bill Geist has been a favorite of mine for years on CBS's Sunday morning show. His son, Willie is a relative unknown to me because I don't have cable or satellite television. They team up in this book to talk about the topics they, perhaps, should have spoken about while Willie was younger with a lot of humorous insights and commentary. They talk about "the birds and the bees" as the title suggests and they also discuss such topics as "what really ha [...]

  • Coleen

    I picked this up on a whim at the Hachette warehouse sale last year. I'm not familiar with either of the Geists, but the subject matter sounded like it might be entertaining, and it's hard to pass up a brand new audiobook for $1. Buta little less than halfway through, I bailed. I very rarely do that, but this one just wasn't holding my interest. I think I expected a more back-and-forth conversational type book based on the description, but it's written in an essay-type form, alternating between [...]

  • Johnvano

    Authored by beloved CBS This Morning contributor Bill Geist and his son Willie (who I'd never heard of before), this collection of growing-up-together stories appears to have been a source of great fun and bonding. Unfortunately it's less fun for the reader. Certainly there are highlights (Bill's career notes, his Parkinson's revelation) and some moments played for laughs (especially their Geist date in history bits), but mostly it results in a dry vanity project. I seriously question their form [...]

  • Teresa

    I read this one as a short story book, so I took awhile to finish. This book is told fom a parental view of Bill Geist and then the child perspective of Willie Geist. Both were Hilarious! These guys are so funny when telling your basic daily life happenings. Yet, in the next chapter/story they could almost bring tears with a sensitive life event, such as the time Bill served in Vietnam war. There were a few times it dragged some for me, simply because I was reading an exciting novel at the time. [...]

  • Carolynne

    First, I highly recommend getting the AUDIO version of this book. While not every author succeeds at reading their own work, the father-son team of Bill and Willie Geist have decades of collective experience as journalists, writers, and radio and TV personalities. They bring all the warmth, humor, and wit to their reading as they worked into the highly successful writing. No one could deliver this material as well as they.In GOOD TALK, DAD, [Bill and Willie] share stories of their funny and hear [...]

  • Connie D

    I loved the way this father and son duo corresponded about their lives, talking about issues they'd never talked about face-to-face. What's so charming about this book is how much fun these two men had with each other, how much love shines through, and their comedic points of view. What a wonderful gift this book must have been to both father and son, and to the rest of the family. The audio narration is delightful, hearing their voices and the laughter in their voices. but the book is full of a [...]

  • Alicia

    3.5 Stars out of 5. I have never read any of Bill Geist's work, but am not inspired to pick up some of his older titles. I have seen Willie on the Today Show and as a guest of Watch What Happens Live and have always enjoyed his humor. This is a great book that is more like a conversation than a memoir. It is both about looking back on Bill's parenting style, but also how Willie processed it as a child, and how he is now handling being a parent. There many laugh out loud moments, which made me wi [...]