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A Bitter Taste
Title : A Bitter Taste
Author :
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ISBN : 9781921901188
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 304

Treachery becomes a habit. London is in the grip of a stifling heatwave. The parched city has slowed to a claustrophobic shuffle and there's no end in sight. Heroin-addicted investigator Catherine Berlin suffers while working the nadir of investigations: matrimonial.The city's junkies are in the grip of a drought of a different kind. A strung-out ghost from Berlin's past tTreachery becomes a habit. London is in the grip of a stifling heatwave. The parched city has slowed to a claustrophobic shuffle and there's no end in sight. Heroin-addicted investigator Catherine Berlin suffers while working the nadir of investigations: matrimonial.The city's junkies are in the grip of a drought of a different kind. A strung-out ghost from Berlin's past turns up on her doorstep: Sonja Kvist's daughter is missing. Despite Berlin's reluctance, Sonja reminds her of an old debt and Berlin agrees to search for the ten year old. Berlin is back. Soon the hunter becomes the hunted – corrupt detectives are on Berlin's tail chasing drugs she doesn't have, a young girl is murdered and the matrimonial case unravels. The temperature keeps rising.A Bitter Taste is fast-paced, addictive crime spiked with grit and grunge.

A Bitter Taste Reviews

  • Sharon

    Whilst London is in the heart of a heat wave, Investigator Catherine Berlin is in the middle of battling her own personal demons one of them being addicted to heroin. Getting through each day is a challenge for Catherine, but when an old friend is in need of Catherine's help to find her missing daughter, she must somehow try and get her life back in order. At first Catherine thought this was a straight forward case, but she soon finds out it's going to be more complicated than she first imagined [...]

  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out

    Investigator Catherine Berlin doesn't do matrimonial or missing persons but, after being fired from her last job with the Financial Services Agency, finds herself reduced to following her grocer's wife in exchange for daily rations of milk, bread and cheap Scotch and searching London's seething streets for a junkie's runaway ten year old daughter.A Bitter Taste is the second gritty crime novel by Annie Hauxwell featuring Catherine Berlin. Set in contemporary London in the midst of a heatwave, th [...]

  • Michael

    Investigator Catherine Berlin has hit rock bottom. Trying to get herself of heroine she is reduced to spying on a ladies husband while being payed in groceries and scotch. But things will get even worse when one of her old friends from the past persuades her to find her missing daughter Princess. What looks like a simple case child trying to get away from her user mum will soon turn into much worse.Catherine will soon find herself on the run from corrupt police officers who have an interest in t [...]

  • Ann Tonks

    This author gets stars for the creation of Catherine Berlin. Who knew that a middle aged heroin addict could make such a compelling heroine. One of the one hand, it's a classic roller coaster thriller with lots of well crafted characters and on the other hand, it's a unique take on a leader character.

  • Antoinette Buchanan

    I liked this better than the first in the series but the co structure to provide tension (time until the heroin runs out in the first of the series and London heatwave in the second) feel so contrived.

  • Bree T

    Heroin-addicted Catherine Berlin has turned private investigator after the case that cost her her career and the financial crisis that shut down her former department. Now she works mundane domestics, taking her payment in groceries.In the midst of a London heatwave, it’s not just the rainfall that’s dried up. There’s a serious shortage on heroin as well and when a face from Catherine’s past turns up on her doorstep, Catherine’s first instinct is to get rid of her. She hasn’t seen So [...]

  • MaryG2E

    There is not a lot to like in the character of Catherine Berlin. She's colourless, blunt, down at heel and has no redeeming qualities that I can discern. Admittedly there is some sort of fascination with her long-term heroin addiction, which she manages very well. Sometimes the need for chemical solace gets in the way of her work as a private eye. Not with the police or part of any mainstream agency, Catherine's free agent style takes her regularly into the most deplorable parts of London's unde [...]

  • Ursula

    'A bitter taste' is the second installment in the series about London-based criminal investigator Catherine Berlin, who happens to be a highly functioning addict. Following events in the first part of the series, Berlin has gained scars, a limp and a reputation, but lost her job with a government agency. Struggling to make ends meet she's shadowing the wife of her local corner store's proprietor in exchange for groceries and cheap scotch. Her mood is not helped by her doctor's plans to wean her [...]

  • Renee Booth (Sassy Book Lovers)

    Dark, quirky, intriguing and dangerous. Annie Hauxwell has created such an interesting and original crime story that had my mind going a million miles a minute.We do follow a number of people throughout the book who intertwine with each other in some sort of way, however the main character, "Berlin", does take up the majority of the story. The heroin addict goes on one hectic, fast-paced journey in the search for and old "friends'" daughter, "Princess", but comes across numerous hiccups along th [...]

  • Cheryl M-M

    The main character isn't your run of the mill type. She is a long term heroin addict and isn't particularly bothered who knows about her addiction.One of her junkie friends turns up and wants Berlin to find her missing daughter. That little mission turns out to be a lot more complicated than she expected. It also awakens something akin to a maternal instinct in the main character. For once her thoughts are not just filled with the gnawing need for the next high or how to get it.I liked the gritt [...]

  • Stargazer

    depressing content, but i'm intrigued by the main character so would read any with her in it.

  • Rachel

    Annie Hauxwell is a new and authentic voice in crime fiction and I compeltely adored this book. It's not an easy read, but is engaging, there is an authentic voice and the creation of ex-detective Catherine Berlin is a new, exciting addition to crime fiction. The London backdrop is brilliantly realised and presents a charcter in it's own right. Having read the first Annie Hauxwell novel it was a no brainer to read the second.Many thanks Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this.

  • Mandi

    I was really drawn into the twists and turns of this novel, and am sufficiently intrigued by Berlin’s scarred state to want to go back to Book 1 in the Catherine Berlin Series, In Her Blood and take a look. I’m sure it’ll be more of the same grit and grunge!For my full review please check out blogatbookyoulike/he

  • Karen

    The second in a series set in London and a debut legal thriller show some of the exciting variety of Australian crime fiction on offer. Review at: newtownreviewofbooks/2013/

  • Di

    A quite unrealistic grimy crime novel. More grunge, grime and London police corruption than you can poke a stick at. Only one or two people in this story don't have some scheme in full swing. Surely, not every member of the British police is corrupt? An unsatisfying read.

  • Barbara Delahunty

    Is that it? I won't bother seeking out this author again!

  • Rachael

    Just as gritty and tough as the first one. I will definitely read the third - although a little bit of space between them is probably a good thing.

  • Carmel Reynen

    Found this a bit unrealistic. Bit of a drag really. Things to conveniently placed

  • Ari Karishma Dewi

    altought need a really long time to finish this book, but this is one of my favourite book all my life

  • Becky

    Another great read!