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Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?
Title : Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?
Author :
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ISBN : 9781561456901
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32

Kids love to imagine what dinosaurs might have been like when they were alive. But when a trip to the museum turns into a real-life prehistoric encounter, Dave and his dad don't need to use their imagination. As they walk through the rooms of the exhibit, Dave keeps trying to get his dads attention. The dinosaurs around him spring to life, but Dad remains oblivious to theKids love to imagine what dinosaurs might have been like when they were alive. But when a trip to the museum turns into a real-life prehistoric encounter, Dave and his dad don't need to use their imagination. As they walk through the rooms of the exhibit, Dave keeps trying to get his dads attention. The dinosaurs around him spring to life, but Dad remains oblivious to the unfolding scene and keeps insisting they're dead. Dave knows better, though, and when they find themselves pursued by a hungry Tyrannosaurus, Dad finally realizes it too!

Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad? Reviews

  • Destiny Dawn Long

    This was in a bundle of books that I won in a giveaway held by the publisher. My daughter and I enjoy reading this one together. I think she's still a bit young to fully grasp what's going on--but she likes the language and the illustrations. In particular, I think she enjoys hearing the dinosaur names, since they are new words with interesting sounds. I like that the father is so caught up in giving his educational tour, and so confident in his knowledge of the situation that he keeps dismissin [...]

  • Christine

    READ THIS! It's adorable! It's funny! This book just made my day! Looking for a simple read? Something quick, witty and a little predictable? Well, look no further! This is your book. The illustrations are modern which is a nice spin compared to some of the other picture books. Although slightly predictable, it's still very enjoyable because it builds suspense, believe it or not! The kids will easily be able to relate because the story takes place in a museum. Dave and his Dad are out visiting, [...]

  • Sarah Adamson

    I really enjoyed this book as did my daughter. I would prefer to give it a 3 but my daughter would go for a 5. She is very upset that the dinosaurs are all dead and so loved this book where the dad keeps saying that yes the dinosaurs are dead and the little boy keeps pointing out that they really are not in this book!

  • Edward Sullivan

    Not quite, Dad.

  • Ashlin Edmisten

    This is a cute read along book about dinosaurs

  • Kathryn Bergeron

    A boy goes with his dad to see the dinosaur skeletons. Something seems off to the boy because dinosaurs are supposed to be dead. But it won't be until the end of the book that his dad discovers the truth.

  • Mardel

    I just read the book by myself, then with my son (who is a full grown man) and we both laughed, especially lovin' the ending. I love a book with a twisted ending, and the fact that a picture book has a kind ofup in the air ending is great!I recently read the book to my grandson, then I took it to my school, where I read it to my granddaughter's class, and then to the other kindergarden class in the schoolme random comments from the kids after reading:"I like when the dinosaur tried to eat the bu [...]

  • Heather

    A father and his son, Dave, visit a natural history museum together. At the beginning, the child asks "Are the dinosaurs dead, Dad?" Of course, dad says yes, and proceeds to take his son on a tour of the dinosaurs (which, oddly, are not skeletons, but fleshy models) displayed in the museum. Dad gives a brief introduction to each dinosaur--the name and a fact about it. Funny little signs in front of each of the dinosaurs give warnings to reinforce what dad says, like "mind the hands" or "mind the [...]

  • Samantha

    This story I got sent from the publishers for an honest review. I took this book to school to read it to my class, I was unsure of the reaction I was going to get from them. This book is about Dave and his dad. His dad takes him to the dinosaur museum, on his way round he see's the dinosaurs move and tells dad. Dad always replies the same 'it's just your imagination'. This is until dad gets a shock at the end of the story!The children loved this book. They began to join in with dad as he says 'i [...]

  • Patricia Kemp Blackmon

    Dave and his Dad are visiting the Museum of Prehistoric Dinosaurs. They have very long odd names that are hard to pronounce, but Dad takes the time to pronounce the names slowly so Dave will learn how to pronounce them correctly. But after Dad walks off from each Dinosaur leaving Dave to continue to stare ate the creatures they come alive. Dad told him it was just his imagination because they are indeed dead. Boy does Dad get a big surprise when the badest of all dinosaurs ends up following them [...]

  • Carly

    Oh, we laughed a lot while reading this wonderfully witty and fantastically written and illustrated book!Dave and his dad are going to the dinosaur museum and Dave wants to know if the dinosaurs are actually dead? His dad says yes but then Dave wants to know why (if they're dead) are they doing things when his dad isn't looking? His dad laughs it off and says it's just your imagination, when really those sneaky dino's are up to no goodThis is such a funny story that will keep little eyes glued t [...]

  • Tima

    Dave and his father visit a dinosaur museum. As they stop at each exhibit his dad tells him the name of each dinosaur. As they leave Dave sees the dinosaur do something. One winks, one tickles, one eats his burger. So he asks his dad if dinosaurs are dead. Each time his dad assures him that the dinosaurs are dead. But after each exhibit Dave begins to wonder if his dad is right. My children and I really enjoyed this book. The illustrations are simple and visually help to tell the story. The writ [...]

  • Jennifer Strong

    Dad takes his son, Dave to the dinosaur museum. Dave asks if the Dino's are actually dead, to which Dad replies, yes, of course. However, as they pass each Dino, Dave notices they are moving. One winks, one tickles him, one grins, one even tries to eat his lunch! With each dinosaur Dave asks his dad again if they are really dead. Yes, he affirms. It isn't until they reach the Tyrannosaurus Rex ("one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs") that Dad realizes what's been going on. The T-Rex starts c [...]

  • Christy McLaughlin

    Children always have a crazy imagination, so when Dave tells his father that the dinosaurs in the museum are coming to life in Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad? clearly his dad tells him it's just his imagination. This makes Dave very confused because the dinosaurs are indeed smiling at him, tickling him, and even following him! It wasn't just Dave's imagination after all. Julie Middleton tells this story as the readers see it happen, Dave and Dad's sides. The dramatic irony of the illustrations of t [...]

  • Barbara

    As Dave and his father wander through a dinosaur exhibit, his father points out various features of the dinosaurs on display. As children will do, Dave keeps asking the same questions about the dinosaurs, and his clueless father continues to blow him off. But as it turns out, Dave's father should have listened to his son. I loved seeing what happens to Dad's hat and the difference in the text and the illustrations, created with pen and ink, watercolor, pencil crayon, and collage. This one remind [...]

  • Ashley

    A cute introduction into the world of dinosaurs, and in some respects, the world of the museum. (Though I find it highly unlikely Dave and his Dad would be the only two people at a dinosaur exhibit). Nonetheless, this story was cute and flowed well off the page. Are the Dinosaurs dead, dad? Is a cute story for reading at home, but wouldn't work very well as a read aloud storytime book. However, I cannot really find fault with an adorable book that also teaches something.

  • Katie Seckinger

    Dad takes his son Dave to a dinosaur museum. Dave keeps asking if the dinosaurs are alive because they are winking and grinning at him. Dad says it is just his imagination. At the end, a dinosaur starts chasing them and Dad finally believes Dave that the dinosaurs are alive. The illustrations in this book are very detailed and draw the eye in, using very large and very small details. This book could be used to teach about the use of imagination among all ages.

  • Kelsey

    Age: Preschool-2nd gradeFamily: DadSuspense if the dad will ever notice what his son noticesIt was fun to see all the dinosaurs safely interacting with the boy including winking and tickling but when the T-Rex appears, we all know what he will want to do. The page after the T-Rex is introduced is hilaaarious. The pictures aren't anatomically correct but the features are exaggerated for comic effect.

  • Lauren Soich

    I love dinosaurs and this book was one of my new favorites. The pictures were cute and the text wrapped around the drawings to keep the readers imagination going. The names of the dinosaurs teach the kids the different types of din's, but I feel as though it might be a little hard for children to understand. However, the humor in this book had me laughing really hard when I got to the end. This book is funny and enjoyable to read.

  • Heidi-Marie

    Ha! Love the end. I think this would work in my summer dino storytime theme, because the slightly older crowd would probably get the humor. They may not be able to see all of it, since some are very tiny details in the photo that could be seen in a lap-read or read-alone. But still a fun choice, and not too long or too much text to bore the younger end of my group.

  • Mary

    This would be a good read-aloud story because it’s very interactive. The little boy in the story, Dave, keeps seeing the dinosaurs in the museum move. His dad doesn’t believe him until the T-Rex is following them at the end of the story. It would be one that children would want to have repeated many times! The pictures are great, and you learn something about dinosaurs along the way.

  • Barbara

    Dad and his son visit the museum of not-really-dead dinosaurs, even though Dad assures son that they are all dead - until the scary end in which they are chased by a dinosaur with sharp teeth. Great illustrations; dinosaurs that wink, tickle, grin, and more; dinosaurs are named with pronunciations and definitions (e.g. anklyosaurus - stiff lizard). Recommended for ages 4-5.

  • Skye Kilaen

    The dialogue between an inquisitive child and his know-it-all father in this book is nice and simple, leaving plenty of space for giant, hilariously quirky depictions of dinosaurs in the museum, their “caution” signs… and their strange activities which seem to indicate that maybe they aren’t as extinct as dad keeps claiming. The bar chart of extinction is my favorite page.

  • Msjennifers Corner

    Very cute book that lends itself well to reading aloud. Make sure you check out the pronunciation of the dinosaur names before you start so you don't trip yourself up. While the ending is satisfactory for what is going on in the story make sure you let kids know that YES dinosaurs ARE really dead. LOL.

  • Elisabeth

    Loving it, giggling, thinking yep this will be fun for dinosaur storytime, oohh nice sneaky ways to help me pronounce the dinosaur names, and then it ended in such an abrupt way. I could already feel the awkwardness as I imagined 25 little faces looking at me and wondering "yeah, and then what?" *sigh*

  • Steve H

    Dave and his dad go to the dinosaur museum. Dave's dad insists that dinosaurs are dead, but Dave begins to believe otherwise when some of the museum exhibits wink at him, try to tickle him, and eat his lunch. Dad is in for a surprise in this cliff-hanger ending. Cute and simple story, but the artwork is what really makes the book, especially the "Mind the" signs at the museums.

  • Shelley

    Such a cute book, but I was really surprised that no editor corrected the grammar. Each dinosaur is named, in the singular, but the subject/verb agreement is wrong. I consulted several dictionaries to see if perhaps my knowledge is considered archaic. It's a great book, but I'd read it correctly rather than the way it's written.

  • George

    Dave and his father are on an outing to a dinosaur museum. The dad is sticking to business and Dave dawdles a bit asking his father if dinosaurs are alive. Chuckling, his dad keeps reassuring him that they are all deceased.I enjoyed how each exhibit included a clever little "Beware" tip and a pronunciation guide.

  • Courtney Huskisson

    Dave and his dad went to the museum to learn about dinosaurs and had and encounter they weren't expecting. Simple, short, and cute story. Loved the dinosaur illustrations, and the creative kinds of dinosaur. Helps spark the imagination.

  • Sassy

    Not the best choice, I think the cartoonish drawings and actions of the dinosaurs is not the best way to share some information about dinosaurs so I wouldn't use it for that. I would give this book to kids who already know dinosaurs are dead and might know some names and want to know more.