Sugar and Salt by Ninotchka Rosca Christina Quisumbing Ramilo Online

Sugar and Salt
Title : Sugar and Salt
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9789712717468
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 64

An egg binds time in a place where lightning is a playmate of women and girls, but a gift of a mirror presages the destruction of what had been a haven for the female... This modern fable is of such surprising juxtapositions, reflecting the seemingly trite but assuredly cruel twists of Philippine women's history.

Sugar and Salt Reviews

  • K.D. Absolutely

    This is a short fable about Melchora Aquino (1812-1919), who is known here in the Philippines as the "Grand Woman of the Revolution" and "Mother of Balintawak." Aquino was 84 when the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish government started in 1898. She was a single parent with 6 children and was operating a small store in Balintawak. She opened her house to the rebels. She tended the injured ones, fed the hungry, prayed for the souls of the dying. In her honor, there is a district and a who [...]

  • DC

    This is a book of so few pages. It is, however, so heavy to carry around. Oh, so heavy.It is but a simple story, a fable. It is of so few words, but it is of so much thought.It deals with a history of a people, a people whose identity seems quite vague, but an identity that is carried through a lineage (?) of a chosen few (of the few who chose -- and who seem to dwindle with each generation). It talks about the Filipino.It also, interestingly enough, deals with sugar and salt, both of which have [...]

  • Maan

    Book #61 for 2012: Women's history. Profound. Mysterious. Head-trip. For a small book, it packed a lot of punch. I was reeling while reading it.

  • Zim

    A cute little book with a cute fleeting story! :)

  • Anna Paras

    A glimpse of how Filipinas were oppressed during the colonial period. Subtly debunks the myth that Westerners were always advanced in terms of feminism. Lol