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The Tycoon's Toddler Surprise
Title : The Tycoon's Toddler Surprise
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ISBN : null
Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 158

Ignoring or avoiding Mikhail Benovich was not an option. When he wanted something, he went after it with everything. Seeing Kristen across the room, he decided he wanted her. A month after their first meeting, they were married. Two months later, Kristen found herself pregnant. And two months after that, her unborn baby girl was fighting for her life. Kristen left the streIgnoring or avoiding Mikhail Benovich was not an option. When he wanted something, he went after it with everything. Seeing Kristen across the room, he decided he wanted her. A month after their first meeting, they were married. Two months later, Kristen found herself pregnant. And two months after that, her unborn baby girl was fighting for her life. Kristen left the stressful lifestyle, but never meant to leave Mikhail. Diligently, she sent him a letter each month detailing the progress of her pregnancy, the birth of their beautiful baby girl, and all the milestones of her young life. Three years later, Mikhail finds one of those letters and is furious, unaware until that moment that he is a father! He immediately goes to find his daughter, determined to win custody, only to find that, not only does his daughter recognize him, but his three year old daughter is barreling towards him, throwing herself into his arms in her excitement that he’d finally arrived. Something doesn’t add up and he’s determined to get to the bottom of the issue. And get his family back, even if his estranged wife is opposed.

The Tycoon's Toddler Surprise Reviews

  • Vintage

    The romance equivalent of Hi, I'm big shutdown Russian her. Yavoh!Bg Ruskie hero sees the sweet and honorable heroine and falls for.Big Ruskie hero pats the heroine A LOT.Heroine gets pregnant but gets scared. No, wait. She has a pregnancy scare.Evil OW/PA is really, really mean, and hides the heroine's letters to the big Ruskie hero since the bunny heroine goes for bedrest.Ruskie hero is mad and bad until he realizes that the evil OW/PA is the true evil-doer.Ruskie hero wants to pat the bunny h [...]

  • Cheesecake

    Mikhail and Kristen. Mikhail and Kristen have a whirl wind romance and get married in only a month. But soon enough reality rears it's ugly head. Reality is that Mikhail is a work-a-holic and soon Kristen is finding herself more and more on the sidelines of his life. She gets pregnant and almost loses the baby because of the stress of the situation. So she leaves to go back to her home town to have their baby with the support of her family. Mikhail misunderstands and lets her go with no attempt [...]

  • Rebecca

    He cheated during their separation, she didn't.

  • Olga

    Ridiculously cute and sweet. It was nothing like the books I'm used to, but I liked it a lot. Funny how you get the whole plot from the title of the novella alone. Nothing more, nothing less than what it said. Quick, fun, sweet read.

  • Bernie

    The Tycoon's Toddler Surprise reviewThe Tycoon's Toddler Surprise is a sweet short story written by author Elizabeth Lennox. A married couple are reunited after a misunderstanding.

  • Paula Legate

    I really enjoyed this book. Little Victoria was the star of this book. Victoria was three years old, smart, sweet, and simple adorable. She only knew her father by the pictures that her mother Kristen showed her, and by the stories that they found on line about him. Her father Mikhail was a rich business man. Victoria loved spending each weekend with her mom, looking for new stories about her dad. The first time she saw her dad in person, she ran too him, and hugged him hard. She never wanted to [...]

  • Sheia

    This is a short but sweet and light romance book. It doesn't have that much drama like a general 'secret-child' book has but that actually tips the scale in its favour.I would recommend it for all those who just want a break from very intense and overwhelming reads !!4 'the cold never bothered me anyway' stars !!

  • mad4rombks

    Completely clueless hero. Heroine sent him letters every month for three years detailing everything their little girl did and his assistant hid them all because she was hot for him and was determined to get him to notice her and he never once questioned why his wife disappeared on him. Clueless fool.

  • Bubu

    Cute short storry. The cute part is for Victoria cuttie little pie who is 3 but talks and act like a 5 year old. The ending seems abrupt like this wasn't supposed to be a short story.

  • Missy

    A sweet read.Passion flares between Mikhail and Kristen leading to a quick marriage and an early pregnancy. Almost losing her baby before she knew it about scares Kristen, leading her to make a tough choice. Believing he lost his baby and almost his wife leaves Mikhail with the knowledge that Kristen has gotten under his skin.In the 3 years apart, Kristen never gives up hope that Mikhail will join them and sends him letters and pictures and also keeps her smart daughter updated on her dad. After [...]

  • Monica

    If you like Harlequin type stories, you might find this entertaining although the plot is totally unbelievable.

  • Sumedha (the wordy habitat)

    I liked it. The characters were good, and the MC had her senses and didn't get back with the guy the second she saw him, or forgive him. There was actual misunderstanding and evil-doer here which made me feel better. The male MC was understanding, too. There was sufficient focus on the daughter.The only thing I got bothered by was that the ending was too abrupt. Before I knew it, the book was over, especially when I felt like there'll be another couple chapters left.

  • Lin

    Cute fast read

  • Christina Montminy

    Good quick read. The rekindled relationship of two people hurt by another. The quick marriage of Mikhail & Kristen was put to the test quickly when she finds herself possibly miscarrying the child he knows nothing about. His busy schedule & a sneaky assistant keep them separated & Kristen leaves for the health of her unborn child. Three years later he accidentally finds out he has a child & goes in search of his estranged wife & child. What he finds is opposite of what he thi [...]

  • Rachel Sides

    The cover is too graphic for the book. A three year old girl running to her surprised father would have fit the book better.

  • T

    When her stressful New York life leads pregnant Kristen to find herself in hospital, she knows she has to make some changes. Leaving her husband, Mikhail, and moving closer to her family is her first port of call, but that doesn't mean that she's leaving him for good, nor does it mean she doesn't want him in her daughter's life. There's not much that I can say about this book. I didn't outright hate it, but I definitely didn't like it either. It was a short story, but I don't think that means th [...]

  • Melissa Maxwell

    This book was very addicting and had me turning to see what happens next. Mikhail and Kristan had and intense first meeting and quickly fell for one another her more so than him. Within a few weeks they were married and soon after that she found out she was pregnant. She nearly lost the child after four months but was able to keep the child by being on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. She left to go stay with her family after nearly losing the child. She tried to call him and write him bu [...]

  • Nara

    It was nice to read. Emotional battle. Not so equal in love feeling if I may say. The heroine so open wide with her feeling and her emotion while the hero just like a closed and locked book.The plot itself was okay. Not so lame, not so boring, but also not so fast. It was so so.What the most infuriated in this book was the revenge part.(view spoiler)[ I know they are betrayed by that bitch secretary of him. But the story itself seems so lack of how he handle that issue. We'd like to know how he [...]

  • Sarah

    An fairly easy read. Mikhail and Kristen are married, but due to the high stress life that Mikhail leads Kristen is forced to choose between giving birth to her child or staying with Mikhail. Even though Kristen sent letters to Mikhail explaining why she left and with updates on her pregnancy then latter updates and photos about there daughter's life and mile stones, Mikhail never responded. Three years latter Mikhail discovers a letter in the mail with an indentation to his daughters birthday p [...]

  • Dezi

    3.5 STARS!!! so close to being 4 or even 4.5 this book was addicting and i read the story in two hours i wish it was longer and the way it ended was way too abrupt but it was a great book none the less some parts the author repeated themselves but you see that sometimesi love Mikhail and Kristen didnt annoy me which is surprising since so many female characters do that exact thing but not her overall great book that i wish was longer and gave you that little bit extra that would made it that muc [...]

  • Emily

    With the thought of losing her baby, Kristen left her husband Mikhail Benovich leaving a note to her plans and hoping he would join her. When he receives a note three years later to his daughters birthday, he is stunned to find he is a father. Always a man of action he want answers and he is not going to leave until he gets them.Meeting his daughter, he realizes he has more questions than he does answers, her familiarity with him just doesn't make sense He uncovers a betrayal and gets the chance [...]

  • April

    Kristin and Mikhail were married after only being together for a short time. Kristin fell in love and Mikhail wanted her. Shortly after their marriage Kristin winds up pregnant and Mikhail doesn't find out till he thinks she loosing the baby. This story is about Mikhail finally finding out he has a daughter after 3 years and going to Minnesota to claim his family. While I"m glad he finally told Kristin that he loves her, there was no resolution till the last page of the bookd then it just ended [...]

  • Dianne

    I can't say that I am a fan of short books, I prefer full length novels, but in this case it worked. I read it in a few hours. Yes, I would have liked it longer but Ms Lennox has been able to write an extremely interesting story in a short number of pages. Victoria was adorable and Mikhail and Kristen had a believable connection that felt real. I really did enjoy this book and highly recommend it.

  • Rhonda

    This book has been on my to buy list for a while. I finally purchased it and loved it. The hero and heroine both feel as though the other betrayed them when in actuality it was someone else all together. I loved how the heroine didn't just jump right back into bed with him the first second he got there. She stood her ground. Even after she did, they still didn't automatically move in. She made him work for it.

  • Sönïa Dhillion

    Sweet, short contemporary read . Its light hearted in a way that does not give you that eh what's going on feelings. Because it goes with the flow what I mean is there are issues but there not as dwelled upon like a anguished romance books would be,My casting of the family uk.pinterest/pin/361836151pinterest/pin/31806741a.dilcdn/bl/wp-content/upl

  • Lori Meehan

    3.5* I enjoyed this book and I would of given it a 4* rating if it did have so many typos. I like the story line and I loved the characters. Kristen and Mikhail had really great chemistry and I instantly fell in love with Victoria. Elizabeth Lennox is a new author to me and I'll give her other books a try. I'm hoping fo no typos next time.

  • Nanci **Warning**IWasASailor⚓️MyMouthisDirty

    Short read. However, I started off liking the book and all it's potential. The last 3 chapters, ugh she got on my nerves. Really I just anted him to say "screw my trying, I'll give you your divorce" she bugged the hell out of me.Loved the daughter and liked Mikhail. That's why 3 stars. Anything longer with her being stupid and it would of went to a 1.

  • Denielle

    This book as so sweet and nice just what I was looking for. I have had the book in my TBR list for a while and I was so ecstatic when I was finally able to get my hands on it and see what i was really about. And to my satisfaction it was just what I expected.I have rad a lot of books from Elizabeth Lennox usually from the push of my aunt. Now i have developed my own liking for her work.

  • Tasha

    back in 2013 when I read my first book by Elizabeth I knew I would search out her other stories no matter what price I had to pay. Today I bought one of her books 2.99 on and I can say it was worth every single penny. I don't know for sure what it is about Elizabeth's stories that pulls me in but it is just irresistable

  • Carie Mari

    I had to laugh at several of the scenes in this book. I absolutely love Elizabeth Lennox and she's getting close to the humor that Linda Howard puts into her plots which just makes them wonderfully fun to read. Ms. Lennox's books are shorter but still worth it. The frog scene is just classic! I don't know what I would do if my sons did that to me.