Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart Grey Council Online

Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard
Title : Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781564147110
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 370

"With contributions and additional material from Raymond Buckland, Raven Grimassi, Patricia Telesco, Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart, and other illustrious members of The Grey Council, here is the book Merlin would have given a young Arthur...if only it had existed. This essential handbook contains everything an aspiring Wizard needs to know. It is profusely illustrated with"With contributions and additional material from Raymond Buckland, Raven Grimassi, Patricia Telesco, Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart, and other illustrious members of The Grey Council, here is the book Merlin would have given a young Arthur...if only it had existed. This essential handbook contains everything an aspiring Wizard needs to know. It is profusely illustrated with original art by Oberon and friends, as well as many woodcuts from medieval and alchemical manuscripts--plus charts, tables, and diagrams. It also contains: Biographies of famous Wizards in history and legend; Descriptions of magickal tools and regalia (with full instructions for making them); spells and workings for a better life; rites and rituals for special occasions; a bestiary of mythical creatures; systems of divination; the Laws of Magick; myths and stories of gods and heroes; lore and legends of the stars and constellations; instructions for performing amazing illusions, special effects, ! and many other wonders of the magickal multiverse. To those who study the occult, in particular, Witchcraft, the name of Oberon Zell-Ravenheart is internationally-known and respected. He is a genuine Wizard, and he has written this book for any person wishing to become one. Perhaps, as some have written, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart is the real Albus Dumbledore to aspiring Harry Potters!In addition to his own writings in this collection, he also presents other writers who add some highly thoughtful insights. Such as Raymond Buckland among others.The illustrations and photographs which accompany the text are among the finest found anywhere, and are a helpful boon to those wanting to see what they are reading about. Biographies of many famous Wizards of history and legend appear in the book. Detailed descriptions of magickal tools with information for making them appears in this book. Additional information includes rites and rituals for special occasions, a bestiary of mythical creatures, a detailed and educational discussion on the laws of magick, myths, and lore of the stars and constellations. This book is full of instructions!As a handbook and guide for becoming a Wizard, this is as near perfect and honest a book as one will find today. New Page Books has done a great service to the paranormal and occult community readers by publishing this worthwhile reference book.Oberon Zell-Ravenheart has written a classic on Wizardry. This is his masterpiece. One of the American pioneers of Paganism in the United States, his lifetime of learning and information is shared with readers from all walks of life. He started in 1968 with the publication of his award-winning journal, Green Egg, and is often considered by readers as one of their favorite Pagan writers. The lessons in this fine book are accurate, honest, and entertaining.If you want to become a Wizard, this is the book to start with, and learn from. This Grimoire is must-have reading for readers interested in true magick. The information given on ghosts will hold the reader spellbound, as will all information in this reference book!

Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard Reviews

  • Cheyenne

    THE ultimate magick book! If only I had had this when I was 11 I am now reading it cover-to-cover.*It took several years of picking it up every couple of months, but I finished it :)

  • Ami

    More breadth than depth, this textbook-style book covers a lot of occult ground. It is set up like a home course, but I'm not sure than in practice it could be done like that, since some of the assignments are long-term life suggestions. Like many a school textbook, this book occasionally drives me crazy with a lack of specific resources for statements. Sure, there's a bibliography at the end, but it doesn't state where specific assertions come from, and I have to say, a lot of them sound implau [...]

  • Deb White

    I adore this book. I've done everything in it and continue studies on my own. It really opened up more than just standard ritual and history. It opened science, math, conjury, story telling, the cosmos 12-14 subjects in all, which I continue to explore.

  • Rex Ross

    If there was ever a "MacGyver's How To On Magick" this and the companion book would certainly fit the bill!

  • Steve Cran

    It took me a week to read this awesome book and let me tell you it was an adventure. Fact filled loaded with all sorts of information and mind you not just about magick but also information about science, history and mathematics. After all Magick is a science which involves forming hypotheses, experiments and recording your observations.For anyone just getting started with magick this book is one of those that i would call perfect. It gives you an over view of a variety of magical systems. It co [...]

  • Valenfore Alestreneon

    I originally read this for my apprentices and I found myself hooked! Oberon Zell-Ravenheart is practically a modern day Merlin. I found some of his perspectives outright false and cringed when he described "The Big Bang" as a "creationist theory" and actually thought that it postulated that the universe came from one giant explosion, but it's forgivable, since a pen can cross that silly little excerpt. =) That and some 2012 b.s. aside, this is a phenomenon, PHENOMENAL book that's really good on [...]

  • Amanda

    If I'm reviewing the Grey School of Wizardry, I'd give it a 5/5. If I'm reviewing this book, a 4/5, mostly because they've packed it with so much information, that every topic is only briefly discussed. It would be nice to have a more in-depth grimoire, but this one still has its charms. I can't say that I agree with the opinion regarding Satanism, mentioned towards the back of the book, but I understand why it had to be said. The charts and tables come in handy, and I use it as a resource often [...]

  • Samantha Wlazlak (Mirror Bridge Books)

    I just received this book in the mail today and I have to say it is almost overwhelming because of how packed full of information it is! It is a true work/study book. Topics and Chapters range from discussing wizards and fairies to nature spirits and elementals to many forms of ritual and ceremonial magick, to spiritual meditations and divination techniques. This may be the only magic reference book you will ever need on your bookshelf. I am excited to work through this book! This one will defin [...]

  • Phillip

    aimed at teens, but that made it easy to understand

  • Benjamin Barnes

    read a long time ago enjoyed it thoroughly

  • Anita

    Informative, amusing, very broad in scope, a little scattered, but a really good teaching tool

  • Jack Yeaton

    It was great and very informative.

  • Stephen Simpson

    Utter garbage. I acquired it in the hopes of finding some ideas/sources to use in writing, but it's basically a badly written hodgepodge designed to appeal to the Harry Potter LARP'ing crowd.

  • Oanh Bui

    i want to know what this book can do

  • Shahara LeFay

    I wish to own n share this book forever!

  • Kai Sousa

    All the basics for the pagan just starting out - better than Cunningham!

  • Jay D