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The Laramie Project
Title : The Laramie Project
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ISBN : 9780375727191
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 110

For a year and a half following the murder of Matthew Shepard, Moisés Kaufman and his Tectonic Theater Project–whose previous play, Gross Indecency, was hailed as a work of unsurpassed originality–conducted hundreds of interviews with the citizens of Laramie, Wyoming, to create this portrait of a town struggling with a horrific event.The savage killing of Shepard, a youngFor a year and a half following the murder of Matthew Shepard, Moisés Kaufman and his Tectonic Theater Project–whose previous play, Gross Indecency, was hailed as a work of unsurpassed originality–conducted hundreds of interviews with the citizens of Laramie, Wyoming, to create this portrait of a town struggling with a horrific event.The savage killing of Shepard, a young gay man, has become a national symbol of the struggle against intolerance. But for the people of Laramie–both the friends of Matthew and those who hated him without knowing him–the tragedy was personal. In a chorus of voices that brings to mind Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, The Laramie Project allows those most deeply affected to speak, and the result is a brilliantly moving theatrical creation.

The Laramie Project Reviews

  • Christopher

    Polyphonic, Polyvalent Apostasy?Written in moments instead of scenes, broken fragments, not of found poetry but of found voices curated to allow the townspeople to speak for themselves. In today's moment where hate groups proliferate and violence mounts, this work remains sadly relevant.What this play says to me is that Small town America is big city America is rural America in one sense: The human animal strives for community, acceptance, love, calories, understanding, enthrallment in every con [...]

  • Claire

    Every American should read or see this play. Period. And everyone else should read it too. It is a beautiful, sad, haunting funny biography of a town trying to cope with tragedy. The unsparing honesty of the words, which are taken directly from first-person interviews with real Laramie residents, takes this play out of the realm of Really Good Theatre into something even higher; it's a mirror through which we see ourselves. I directed this play in Ireland in a town similar to Laramie, and simila [...]

  • Jared

    I often find myself taking notes on books while I read them. Although this is, of course, a paperback play. it. too became covered in my notes.What I'll always remember is arguing - one sidedly and in the margins of this paperback - with a Laramie resident who complained about the level of coverage Matthew Shepard's death received relative to that of a Laramie law enforcement officer who lost his life around the same time."We lost one of ours," the woman - who is herself the wife of a Laramie hi [...]

  • Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten*

    A brilliant look at middle America in the wake of tragedy.

  • BrokenTune

    Thought-provoking.Review to follow later.

  • Jabiz Raisdana

    It's passed midnight and I have been reading this play all night. Just finished it. There are two plays in the version we have actually-- the original and The Laramie Project- Ten Years Later- Both were gripping. This is a crucial play for any one interested in LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Trans-Gendered)rights. It begs us to question our understanding of tolerance and acceptance. While some of the language and content is course and mature for middle school readers, the main themes of deali [...]

  • Sophia

    it met its intentions. however, I do not necessarily agree with its intentions. resolution was too thin for my taste.

  • Brenda

    Matthew Shepard was a gay young man who was brutally beaten, tied to a fence post and left to die a slow, painful death in a small, Wyoming town. His killers were two young men around his age -- one was a Mormon.When Shepard's murder saturated the media, I felt the usual disgust with the world that I do every time I hear of stuff like this. But I had a hard time bringing myself to read about what happened. It took a reading assignment in a class to get me to read The Laramie Project.The Laramie [...]

  • João Vaz

    Laramie, Wyoming, 1998. An account of Matthew Shepard heinous murder because of his being gay. So tangible that it left me in tears.

  • Aria

    “He came into the world premature and left the world premature.”The play has a unique form that actively reminds the audience that the actors are acting as the real people involved in the real death of Matt, yet it simultaneously succeeds to remove this awareness from the audience’s consciousness when not reminded of it in the dialogue. Interviews with the real townspeople of Laramie were collected and transcribed, then pieced together to form this play—allowing not the playwright(s) to [...]

  • Tessa

    Such a beautiful play and it's so hard that it's based on a real event

  • Sansriti Tripathi

    I've read a bit about the Matthew Shepard case myself, and it is obvious that this is a clearly well-researched and well-crafted play; I hope I have the opportunity to see it in person one day.

  • Monica

    I just read this cover to cover in one sitting. America is a broken violent country. This play addresses that in a powerful, reflective, deep, and peaceful way with the hope that we all might learn and grow to be better. Amazing work.

  • C C

    Read this aloud with my drama class every day for 2 weeks. Incredible experience discussing the social politics of the play. We tried to emulate the style and structure of the play with a "project" of our own, focusing on our own school but shit got pear shaped quite quickly. The "project" for fear of what could happen if someone released our taped interviews and saved-transcripts of said interviews and used them for nefarious purposes.

  • lisa

    on October 7, 1998, just outside the small town of Laramie, Wyoming, Matthew Shepard was found beaten and left for dead, very literally. both the play and the movie, The Laramie Project, are responses to that murder."The essential facts are that the defendants, Aaron James McKinney and Russell Arthur Henderson, met Matthew Shepard at the Fireside Bar, and after Mr. Shepard confided that he was gay, the subjects deceived Mr. Shepard into leaving with them in their vehicle to a remote area. Upon [...]

  • Emma

    The Laramie Project was a compilation of documentary style transcripts about a local tragedy that were cut and reassembled into a theatrical performance piece - admittedly NOT in the expected format where one would read it as a traditional play. The transcripts were predominately from interviews of people involved in the case and members of the community of Laramie, Wyoming. Some factual transcripts were interjected from police reports and the trials of the two accused.That being stated, I can't [...]

  • Zach Smith

    The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman proved to be one of its kind. The book was formatted as a play and was portrayed by the residents of Laramie Wyoming, and the members of the Tectonic Theatre Project. I overall like this book due to the fact that it portrays the true story of the 1998 murder of a University of Wyoming gay student Matthew Shepard. Kaufman writes this book in a meaningful fashion, capturing the readers attention and making it seem as if we are with Matthew the whole way. This [...]

  • Rose

    This book, or should I say play, was okay. The book was an attempt to give first hand accounts of what happened with the tragic murder of Matt Shepherd. I did not feel that book was totally biased, because it was composed of mostly interviews. However after doing a little more research, especially on the recent developments that 20/20 discovered, I feel like there is a lot of hype and the death of this boy is being used as a political move. Can't we mourn the death of this college kid because he [...]

  • Paula Guinto

    These plays were easy to read because of their telling. Kaufman and his crew did a great job curating what seems to me, an honest tale of what happened in Laramie years ago and then ten years later. I found that they were able to touch on the most sensitive bits, the silence and shame, to the hardest, most complex and the important aspects of a community fighting for who it thinks it is to what happens after all that's been said and done. The "truth" always emerges and many run away from it. Hav [...]

  • Mr. Brammer

    The murder of Matthew Shepherd led many Americans to search their feelings about homosexuality and the gay men and women in our midst. But this play (written in "moments" instead of acts or scenes) shows us how mundane and banal anti-gay violence can be. The two young men who murdered Shepherd were not the monsters we would like them to be - instead they were young, desperate, and stupid. Kaufman and the Tectonic Theater Project want to capture the soul of Laramie, Wyoming, and by interviewing v [...]

  • Joey

    Unexpectedly moving. The Laramie Project isn't really about homosexuality or the Matt Shepard murder- it's bigger than that. The play lays out viewpoints of different sorts of people in society in a way that is unbiased and yet encouraging of self reflection, and motivates change without actually calling for change. It really opened my mind and kind of changed my perspective on the death penalty and religion and humanity in general. The Laramie Project is going stay with me for a long while espe [...]

  • Trisha

    I read this because I am the faculty sponsor for the Gay-Straight Alliance, and we were putting on the play last Spring. Wow. The play (not in the traditional sense) is a record of the Tectonic Theatre Group's interactions and interviews with people who had a connection to the death of Matthew Shephard, a man brutally murdered because of his sexual orientation. Reading this play was powerful, and I must admit I shed a tear or two (and I am not a crying kind of gal). While the torture and murder [...]

  • Richard

    I first read this play years agot two long after it became a theatrical hit. Still very moving play. Apparently, it's one of the most produced play in America. I auditioned for the Foothill College production because it's similar to a play I'm writing, it's close to my office, and I was itching to act and meet new people. So I got cast as FRED PHELPS - the awful creep who is the patriarch of the Westboro Baptist Church. It's always fun to play the bad guyLooking forward to performing in November [...]

  • Kelly

    I'm currently directing this play & find that it is one of the most amazing, powerful, emotional plays of modern times. The research on this play started just weeks after Matthew's death, when the facts were still on everyone's minds, unlike a more recent book based on an anonymous letter. People's real names are used, unless they asked the playwrights not to. Here's what really happened to Matt, his friends, family, & the people of Laramie.

  • Brian Murray

    This is a nonfiction piece of drama about how Matthew Shepard's death affected the town of Laramie. It it incredibly expansive, telling the full story of the town, exploring opposing sides and finding a semblance of hope in the tragedy.

  • Samantha Maloney

    This play may be the single most haunting thing I have ever read. A moment did not go by that I was not on the brink of tears. It's a quick read probably because you won't be able to put it down. This is just beautiful, and everyone needs to read it.

  • Earl

    I had heard about this play while reading LGBT History for Kids. Very moving. And, artistically, such an ingenious way to tell a story.

  • Jon

    Easily one of the most powerful plays ever written.

  • Eric

    Revisited this recently and found that this stark portrait of a tragedy has lost little of its impact, despite recent LGBTQ legal victories.

  • Michael Cook

    I had to read this play for my Playscript Analysis class in college and it was one of the best plays we read the entire semester. From start to finish, The Laramie Project is a gripping, entertaining read that makes you think deeply, tugs at your heartstrings, and stretches the bounds of what you can do in a modern piece of theatre.The Laramie Project tells the story of how the small town of Laramie, Wyoming reacts to the brutal murder of Matthew Sheppard in 1998. It's a really difficult read ab [...]