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The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later
Title : The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780822224501
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 80

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The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later Reviews

  • Jon

    This is a fitting epilogue to one of the most important plays ever written. It's crazy to see how in just 10 years people have forgotten the brutality of the crime and that many have written it off as just a robbery. Before I read this "sequel" of sorts, I thought it was unnecessary to continue the storyline but I now completely disagree. Matthew Shepard's story needs to be told because the battle is not yet over and this is a man whose life was destroyed just because who he loved. Though it's n [...]

  • Grace

    I personally liked this play better than The Laramie Project original. However you can't read THIS play unless you read the original. It's all a matter of personal preference anyway. But this is a very deep story and it was interesting to see their opinions 10 years in the future, especially the opinions of the perps.

  • Brian Murray

    2.5The information presented here is fascinating and would make for a good chapter in a nonfiction account of Laramie and Matthew Shepard, but it makes for a pretty lousy play. There is no story here at all, just a few random scenes whose only relation is the topic. It has none of the power, tenacity, or emotion of the original play with the exception of two scenes involving interviews of the convicted Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson. These scenes have a tremendous sense of illumination of [...]

  • Julia

    I reread this because I’m about to start directing these plays, as a staged reading, that together are called “The Laramie Cyle.” It's great and profound stuff in this play and The Laramie Project.

  • Earl

    I really enjoyed this epilogue to the original play because it felt more like a psychological study of a town. It felt timely how people want to move on from a horrific situation (which is understandable, of course, but it also tends to make them forget and repeat their mistakes) or how certain people will try to rationalize or normalize their horrific actions.

  • Nick Douglas

    A brief followup to The Laramie Project that shows some disappointing shift toward rumors that the murder wasn't a hate crime, despite overwhelming evidence from the trial. But they get to show some of the progress made in the past couple of years, including the 2010 passage of a national hate-crimes law honoring Shepard.

  • Richard Downey

    This is a very interesting play by Kaufman and company about returning to Laramie 10 years after the Matthew Shepard incident. Their focus is about how the town and its residents had changed since the events. Some things are surprising, others not so much. Still, very interesting reading. I would love to see this performed back to back with the Laramie Project.

  • Samantha Maloney

    Just as heartbreaking and life-changing as the first one.

  • Hetta

    denser and less.

  • Colin

    3.5 stars -- attention-worthy 10-year follow up to the Laramie Project.

  • Holli

    Good though it lacked the power of the original. In staged reading.