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Title : Wingman
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780821720158
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 460

In the radioactive wreckage of tomorrow, one man is the last hope of a ravaged America. More savagely driven than Mad Max, the fearless jet fighter pilot known as Wingman takes on the enemy in this searing adventure of the future.

Wingman Reviews

  • LB

    This review is also posted at readingnookandcranny.I guess I should start by saying this book was originally published in the late eighties, ie it is older than I am. I did not know this when I started reading it, and perhaps this fact is one of the reasons I couldn't stomach it. When I received a galley from the publisher for review, I did not realize the book was so old. At the time I received it, it was an ARC for the ebook release. By the time I "finished" it, the book had already been publi [...]

  • Robert

    This might be the book for youHe's got three nicknames. Hawk. Hunter. Wingman. He's got a hot French girlfriend, bisexual asian duo comfort women, random babes to bang. He's getting drunk whenever he's on the ground. He's got the fastest fightingest jet ever: the F-16. He can shoot down 100 bastard Russian planes without radar. He avenges the death of his old CO. He gets a crowd to chant USA, USA! I couldn't put it down.Expertly written in that action comes non-stop before you can call bullshit [...]

  • Nic Cain

    This has to be the single worst book I have ever had the misfortune to read. The sole purpose of the book seems to be to show off the authors knowledge of planes. The first two chapters were nothing but exposition in a conversation between two characters. The was not an ounce of character development in the whole book. At one point the lead character used the force (called by another name). This book is what you would expect a horny twelve year old to write, if they were bad at writing. I think [...]

  • Kevin

    This series is the male equivalent of a trashy romance: the characters are flat, people are either all good or all bad with simple motivations (patriotism or greed), and women are all wallpaper who exist either to have sex with the good guys or be raped by the baddies. The hero is superhumanly competent, hypermasculine, completely good, and patriotic as all get-out: an empty cipher for the reader to fill with his own wish-fulfillment.It's a fun-ish something to fill an afternoon, but ultimately [...]

  • Pat Murray

    This is easily one of the worst books I have ever read. A series of post-apocalyptic books focused on a fighter pilot appealed to me but this writer has no concept of aerodynamics other than being able to spell "F-16." His superhuman pilot protagonist is beyond unbelievable, especially when contrasted with the characterization of his maintenance crews as monkeys. At no time do any of the pilot characters carry on any conversation with the ground crews, not even a maintenance debrief on their jet [...]

  • Suzy Wilson

    I am sure, if I were a teenaged boy, I would love,this series. Unfortunately, I am a middle-aged mother of a soon-to-be teenaged boy and it just doesn't sing for me. The Wingman is a post-apocalyptic hero-figure. He drinks like a fish, channels some kind of ninja-force Russian plane smooshing mojo and objectifies women (but at least he doesn't publicly rape them like the 'baddies' in the novel - although bedding Asian comfort women is pretty much the same thing if you look at it through my filt [...]

  • Janos Honkonen

    The book started with a hilarious parody of USA single handedly winning the WWIII in a massive air battle, only to be brought down by a communist conspiracy involving the Vice President, and the legendary fighter pilot hero Hawk Hunter being called to serve the country from his hermit lifestyle in the wilderness. The "USA Fuck Yeah" meter was peaking in the first chapter alone! Then I realized that apparently this was not in fact a parody, and realized I'm not man enough to finish this book. The [...]

  • Shane O'Brien-Lynch

    Overpowered roaring jet engines; female characters reduced to faceless entertainment; Russians stereotyped as cruel, stupid automatons; all steeped in a cauldron of military professionalism, freedom, and 'Merica!As a post-apocalyptic vision, this book gives a bleak outlook on both the future of the human race (who I really gave up on about halfway through) and the retarded behavior of the survivors. Are we really likely to become people whose only impulses are remorseless killing, manic rooting, [...]

  • Chris Baker

    Hmmmm I should not like this book. It reads like a bad, 80s American action TV series. The only thing missing here is David Hasselhoff. The author has clearly never been near a plane and his objectification of women is ridiculous.I should not like this book, I should not like this book so why did I find it hard to put down. Maybe it's the same reason I end up watching bad, 80s American action TV series on cable TV.Not sure if I should start book two :-)

  • James Ronholm

    Several times as I read this book I thought "why do I keep reading?"What I don't like about the book is that the titular character is stupendously omnipotent. Besides being the best pilot the world has ever known (at one point he takes on 100 other fighters all by himself in his modified F16). He is also able to re-engineer a very complicated airframe (F16) single-handed and without computers, or even electricity - simultaneously making it faster, more manoeuvrable, and capable of carrying addit [...]

  • Thomas Connolly

    By far, this is the best book I own on my bookshelf. It was exciting and memorable, and does not talk down to the reader. You can tell it was made for a young adult audience, which makes it shine (in my personal opinion.) While some people believe it ignores the basic functions of aerodynamics, that doesn't particularly matter, because of the actual drama and interest and setting that it creates. It reminds me of a video series from the 80s (?) called Space: Above and Beyond, which is about spac [...]

  • Crystal

    The worst book I have read in a long time. Predictable misogynistic pilot porn filled with shove it down your throat patriotic drivel. The characters are flat stereotypical crap. The main character is a flight God for all intensive purposes and completely unbelievable. The plot line itself is stupid and rushed in the beginning all so we can rush to predictable outcomes filled with fighter pilot ego massaging plane porn. I got this in a humble bundle so I paid less than a dollar for the book. I w [...]

  • Pat Adeff

    Outstanding story line! This is a true "it could really happen" scenario. There are also some wonderful scenes that actually give the reader a "how-to" on handling certain situations, especially if looked at from a different viewpoint. The battle scenes are intense and the characters easy to understand. Great read! Looking forward to the next one.

  • j.marvin

    yes,I read the whole series.Mom thought it was good that I was reading anything.I thought I really liked jets and sex scenes withwait for itDominique.HAWK HUNTER YA'LLHAWK HUNTER

  • Zed Dee

    This is a book in which someone can drop a nuclear bomb on an inhabited city and be called a hero.

  • Chris Mueller-Smith

    I'm surprised I finished itI guess I kept hoping it would get better.

  • Amanda

    A sexist Mary Sue becomes one with his plane and also 'Murica. Couldn't finish it.

  • Les Mangis

    This book caught my imagination when I first read it back in High School. I love to re-read it over and over again.

  • Allen Thomas

    WingmanA good story. It is a little slow in places. The characters are well done and easy to follow them.

  • maistrich

    Unrealistic but entertaining.

  • James Polley

    If you want a well-written thriller with lots of technical detail about flying; great, believable, nuanced characters with realistic motivations who develop and grow throughout the story; a well-developed plot; well-written fight scenes - this is not the book for you.If you want a story that has women as something more than toys for the Actually Important People (ie, male pilots) to use formomentary pleasure, this is definitely not the book for you. Hell, even if all you want is a book that has [...]

  • Cst

    I cannot help but love this book. I wouldn't read it a second time, but I love everything it encompasses.The review out first: this book is awful. Don't read it as entertainment, don't buy it because you are about to fly somewhere and it is there in the book store, just avoid it. The plot is so stupid, even the most paranoid, survivalist conspiracy theorist would be insulted and the characters are offensive to both men and women. - Fun fact: the Vice President at the time of publishing was calle [...]

  • Geoffrey

    Loved it when i was a teenager, read it multiple times, but the book doesn't hold up over time. I read it again 4 or 5 years ago and could barely read it compared to the top novelists out there today. Post World War 3 book where the U.S. has been betrayed by its Vice President and the country is no more. In its place, a series of territories(some good, some bad) who are fighting amongst themselves for control. As part of the dismantlement of the U.S. military, most modern fighter aircraft have b [...]

  • John Beckfield

    When I first started reading, I noticed the similarities between this and fascist propaganda (you can write a plot about soldiers winning a war, but are betrayed by minority politicians, but you better be a good writer if you do), and only kept reading to see if was a satire on it. It still might be, but it got laid on too thick for me to finish. The childish power fantasies are fun until that too was pretty heavy. I think there are enough blatant hypocrisies that it might be parody (I'm happy m [...]

  • John Boettcher

    Even thought this book had alot of cliches in it, the story was actually pretty good. The hero is your run of the mill military guy who doesn't say no to danger and never backs down from incredible odds. The first book is by far the best of the series that I have read, and has a little bit of "Flight of the Old Dog" themes in it, save one guy in an F-16 as opposed to a team of bombers in a B-52. I would try out the first one and then go from there. They were pretty fun to read when I was in high [...]

  • tivasyk

    гхм, з чого почати… екшн. в принципі, все. я би ще додав, що мова автора на рівні збірки коміксів чи сценарію третьосортного голівудського бойовика, а в сюжеті дірки розміром з алабаму — якби цей текст не годився лише на комікс чи бойовик, а в сюжеті було би щось, окрім дірки. [...]

  • Edward Fowler

    Okay, the book is definitely juvenile and dated. The author has zero insight into the future. There is zero female perspective. A lot of the book is hard to read.BUTI got this as part of a sci fi/fantasy ebook bundle. As light reading while flying around, the book wasn't a complete failure. There is a lot of nostalgia for old aircraft and old politics. If you want a more up to date perspective read John Ringo's Paladin of Shadows series.

  • Jud Hanson

    First read this in HS, along with books 2&3. I just found out recently that the author actually continued the series, so I decided to start over and read all 16 or so books. I enjoyed as much or more at 44 then I did at 17. Yes, I'm sure there are inaccuracies but if you like come-back plots, this one is a winner.

  • Dave

    Rated this book 3 3/4. I was not sure about reading this as the readers ratings were mixed but I was hooked into the storyline and characters after a few chapters. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

  • Bookwormgirl

    I read this as a young teenager at the end of the Cold War. It was interesting and I loved the fact that there was a place that played football 24/7. This was the ultimate guy fantasy book and I moved onto different authors in the dis-utopian future genre.